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Buzz Bee Max. Boss.

Back in 2013, Hasbro introduced the world to a new breed of Nerf cannon, designed from the start to outstrip the range of any dart-based blaster. As we understand it, Hasbro's engineers didn't have much trouble getting the areas they wanted with the darts technology. However, meeting safety requirements with darts that travel at higher speeds proved difficult.

The solution was to develop a larger arrow that combined a larger surface area in the tip with a larger area of ​​deformation to absorb the higher velocities on impact. This larger dart was branded the Nerf MEGA and a new category of oversized long range dart detonation was born. Just two years later, in the summer of 2015, the value brand Buzz Bee brought the world to the first non-Nerf blaster with MEGA-compatible dart technology. While we wait for the new Buzz Bee models to be shown at the 2016 Toy Fair to hit shelves later this year, let's take another look at what Buzz Bee did to the stellar Air Max Boss!

The big story about the Air Max Boss, of course, is the fact that there are larger than average darts out there. Called "XL Distance" by Buzz Bee, these darts are similar to Hasbro's Nerf MEGA darts - with two notable exceptions. First up, the color XL Distance Darts is blue with a yellow tip that unfortunately collides with almost everything Hasbro does in the MEGA line.

The second difference to Nerf MEGA Darts is that XL Distance Darts have suction cup tips that correspond to the Nerf brand whistlers. Aside from a different game mechanic (which is limited to smooth surfaces on impact and not screaming through the air), the tip makes a crucial difference in aerodynamic performance - a point that we will elaborate on in our performance characteristics.

Otherwise the Buzz Bee XL Distance Darts and the Nerf MEGA Darts are very similar. We noticed a similar foam type and density (the XL darts may have been hair less dense) and nearly identical overall measurements. We can also confirm that the Buzz Bee XL Distance Darts in both Nerf MEGA products tested (the internal magazine Magnus and the open-barrel CycloneShock) were fully compatible and there were no problems with the paper jam.

Keen eyed watchers will note that the second great story about the Air Max Boss is the use of a clip (or magazine, more correctly). Not since the original Nerf MEGA Centurion have we seen a MEGA compatible dart clip, nor are we going to come back from Nerf, at least based on what we've heard from Hasbro executives, the Centurion's problems and lack of rigidity over the MEGA darts smaller elite darts. So for those who still use Nerf's Centurion, or those who build custom blasters with a MEGA-sized clip, the boss's announcement with his 3-Dart magazine was a welcome surprise.

Perhaps one of the less obvious observations we initially made about the new Air Max Boss is that, unlike previous Buzz Bee Air Max models, the Boss doesn't use an air pressure system for propulsion.

Rather, it's a fairly typical spring-powered blaster that can cause confusion. Since the new Air Max Baron and Air Max Tyrant models are also jumpers using XL Distance Darts, we can only assume that "Air Max" now means more to get maximum time (i.e. range) with the big darts using air pressure. It's logical enough in terms of product descriptors, but it's still confusing. We wish that Buzz Bee chose a different name for its new XL Distance range (even just "XL") instead of reusing an existing product line name that could cause confusion. We have enough of that now with Nerf.

Ergonomics and design

The Air Max Boss design mantra seems to be about this big - all reminding you that it was built like a normal 1:10 scale blaster, much like most of Nerf's MEGA products.

But unlike the Nerf offerings, the Buzz Bee Air Max boss doesn't wear its volume in an extremely flattering design that masks its girth. Instead, the boss's oversized proportions reveal what is already a weak point for Buzz Bee, namely the use of shiny, unstructured plastics and unrefined details (which seem to have simply grown larger in relation to the model) blaster instead of being rethought, to make size-appropriate design decisions). In addition to the unrefined detailing and the no longer available plastic structures (or lack thereof), we continue to be disappointed with the use of stickers instead of actual colors. It's a clear cost-cutting measure, and it looks like it.

Aside from the feeling of a slightly unrefined ignition and detonation action mentioned above, things generally work well in terms of boss ergonomics (assuming you're a larger kid or an adult capable of handling such a large blaster handle). The clip trigger placed in front of the trigger is a bit awkward and the blaster needs to be prepared so that the clip can be removed - annoying but common. Otherwise, the handle and trigger are well sized for older users and the Boss can easily be held under the dart clip with one hand. The priming slide is angular and not particularly comfortable, but it does the job.

Commitment and performance

Aside from the size and Nerf MEGA compatibility, the most surprising thing about how the Boss actually works may come as a surprise. When it comes to range, the Air Max Boss is a standout. Shots with the XL distance tarters hit regularly at distances of 80 feet (our furthest shoot lands at 86 feet) using our 30-35 angled shot method. In itself, that would have been a very impressive number. But when we swapped Buzz Bee Darts for Nerf MEGA Darts, the Air Max Boss reached distances of almost 100 feet! Our indoor test facility only allowed us to observe 95 feet, but even at that distance, darts hit the wall before hitting the ground, so we believe areas as close as 100 feet are quite possible.

Very impressive.

Now, we expect that some people may be disappointed that the Buzz Bee Darts actually hindered the boss' overall margin. But what the Buzz Bee Darts lack in the distance, they more than make up for in terms of consistency. With the Nerf branded darts, the accuracy was just as poor as we are used to with the Nerf branded blasters (read distances of 20 feet or more). But with Buzz Bee Darts, firing groups were much closer (closer to 10 feet). Interestingly, this is exactly what we saw in previous tests of Buzz Bee Darts versus Nerf Darts (in particular the Buzz Bee Extremes are much more accurate than Nerf Elites, but with consistently shorter ranges). What doesn't agree with previous dart tests is the fact that the shorter range XL darts weigh an average of 2.60g (we took 3 measurements each of 3 XL darts) while Nerf MEGA darts have a nearly identical average of 2. Weigh 61g (also from 3 measurements of 3 MEGA darts each). Hence, arrow weight doesn't seem to be a factor - we suspect the Buzz Bees' less aerodynamic suction tip is the differentiator. So, choose your poison ... with Nerf MEGA darts, the Air Max Boss will hit range around 100 feet, but with poor accuracy. With the Buzz Bee XL Distance Darts, the Air Max Boss will run out of steam about 15 feet earlier, but it will be a lot more consistent. We are very pleased that the Boss comes with XL Distance Darts, which offer the possibility of a more precise projectile selection. Well done Buzz Bee.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Air Max Boss does not encounter these prominent areas due to the extremely high arrow speed. In fact, we measured a maximum of only 76 feet per second, with a low of 63 feet per second and an average of 69 feet per second. This is within the typical speeds for standard blasters. Interestingly, when we traded in Nerf MEGA darts for the standard XL Distance, the speeds soared to a maximum of 80 feet per second and an average of 72 feet per second. So, in the hands of an Air Max boss, these Nerf MEGA darts have the potential to travel both further and seemingly a bit faster than the stock XL Distance Darts from Buzz Bee.

In our fire tests, we were surprised that we got no less than 3 shots in 1 second, which is better than many of the blasters tested. Of course, the fun ends quickly with just one 3-round clip. Nevertheless, this above-average rate of fire is all the more surprising as the Air Max Boss is not capable of "slam fire". And hectic shots didn't bother the boss either, without a traffic jam or problem during our entire test run. In fact, the Boss actually seemed more reliable than the Nerf MEGA products we used for comparison. So, cheap plastics or not, the Air Max Boss is at least a very solid performer.

Value and fun

It's easy to add value to the Air Max Boss because it costs $ 9. 99 suggested retail price (or even at a high of $ 15 that we've seen, or certainly the low of $ 8 spotted recently), there are few other blasters on the market in the same league of performance, at which point we would give the Buzz Bee Air Max Boss exceptional value. But the fact that it plays at or above Nerf's more expensive options uses clips that the Nerf team is reluctant to use on its new MEGA products, it fires quickly without jamming, it is compatible with Nerf MEGA products and A more precise projectile alternative to MEGA darts makes it harder to beat at all costs.

But there is something else ... the small "Ass up the Sleeve" of the Air Max Boss can be found on the tip of these XL Distance Darts: suction cups! Practical or not, adding a suction cup to a plus-size dart is even more fun. Maybe some will miss out on the Nerf MEGA darts (and we admit they have a certain intimidating factor). But we just loved blowing things up with the boss and watching these XL arrows stick to their target while doing a very satisfying "punch" that a softer MEGA arrow just wouldn't do. It's a visceral experience that we really enjoyed, on top of the already impressive performance of the blaster.

All in all, Buzz Bee Toys did an admirable job with the Air Max Boss. It's not the prettiest blaster we've seen lately, nor does it feel the best (both typical Buzz Bee mistakes). But it's the first blaster on the market to offer a fully compatible alternative to Nerf MEGA blasters, and at a price that is sure to be more attractive than the Hasbro offering. Even better, it's a very solid performer who, unlike the brand competition, leaves nothing to be desired. And these suction darts are just terrific. Consider us XL impressed!


  • Better range than comparable Nerf products when using MEGA darts
  • XL distance tees more accurate than Nerf MEGA branded darts
  • Good price / performance ratio (high value) < gute="" kreuzkompatibilität="" mit="">
  • XL darts with suction cup!
  • Disadvantage:

Aesthetically challenged (ugly, sticker ...)

  • Shiny, perishable plastics
  • Can't Pop (Though It Still Fires Fast)