Will WordPress continue to grow in 2020

How far can WordPress still grow?

For several years, WordPress has dominated the content management system segment. The 30% market share mark has recently been exceeded and there is still no end in sight. Now it is approaching 40%.

The analysis company W3Techs continuously determines the distribution of content management systems (CMS) with which websites are operated. The determination is based on an examination of the source code of many websites, which shows typical signs of this. which CMS is in use. As a whole, W3Techs uses the 10 most popular websites according to the Alexa ranking, as well as the websites of the Tranco list, which also contains the data from Umbrella and Majestic.

It is noticeable that there is no such thing as a strong number two. Until a few months ago, W3Techs reported Joomla with around 5%. The Shopify closed-source modular shop system now occupies this position. Drupal - like WordPress, also an open source system - comes in at 1.5%.


Obviously, the developments at WordPress have made the CMS even more popular. The new input editor Gutenberg should be in the foreground. Initial protests against the decision to include Gutenberg as a standard have subsided. The editor turned out to be functional, stable, and efficient. The user community also welcomed new developments of other features such as auto-update functions for core data and plugins. WordPress is now preparing for PHP version 8. The WordPress release with version number 5.6 should already cope with PHP 8.0.0. The two release dates in November 2020 are quite close to each other.

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