How do you talk about yourself

Translation of "are you talking about yourself" in English

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One day brother are you talking yourself around your head and it lands on a spit.
One day, brother, ye'll talk yer head off yer shoulders and right onto a pike.

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You talk around the head and collar.
You talk no longer out, Lex.
As soon as you speak, can You .... yourself sleep in.
You talk not fine out here.
Before you speak, look you first even in the mirror.
Before you begin to trade in blame look in the mirror.
When you are with people talk, should You .... yourself Observe for yourself once and pay attention to how your words sound.
When you are talking with people, be careful how you speak, because you tend to express yourself argumentatively even when you have nothing to fight about.
I never know if you serious talk or you making fun of me
If you are good of him talk, do You .... yourself yourself small, if you are bad of him talk, then too.
Well you talk smart, huh? Family ties are all well and good.
Why talk and behave You .... yourself so?
You talk easy Bonnie, but what if something goes wrong?
That's easy enough for you to say Bonnie but supposing something goes wrong,
Listen princess, I know you're just doing this to make me quit early, but I just want you to know that if I die tomorrow and you're still not with me talk, You .... yourself don't have to feel guilty.
Listen, princess, I know you're just doing this to pressure me into quitting sooner, but I just want you to know that if I died tomorrow and you're still not talking to me, you shouldn't feel guilty.
You mean he'll teach you ... that lost song of that you speak and the you makes you famous?
[BM 189.7] I am speaking: My dear son Martin, you speak, how you your wisdom teaches. Another would speak differently again. But whoever looks into the depths of my order will then speak as I speak!
[BM 189.7] (Say I): My dear son Martin, you speak as your wisdom teaches you, and another one would speak differently again; but he who sees into the depths of My order will speak as I do.
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