How do I wish someone good night

Good night

Everyone is happy to have a few nice words before going to bed. It doesn't matter whether it's a funny goodnight saying or a few lovely words. The fact is: Anyone who receives a good night's message feels valued and knows that someone is thinking of them. This is particularly popular with good friends and love partners. So don't be hesitant and look for a good night saying from the appropriate category!


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Funny good night sayings

Do you want to send your friends, family or your partner good night sayings in the evening, but you don't know exactly how? The best way to send good night sayings is via a short message program or by e-mail, so that they arrive on time for the night. WhatsApp or SMS are ideal for this. Do not send your good night sayings too late in the evening, otherwise you risk that the recipient has long been sound asleep. Stick to your good night quotes individually and don't always send the same ones. You are also welcome to send suitable emoticons for your good night saying. The sleeping smiley or a shining moon are best suited for this.

Late night erotic emails would have robbed you of your sleep. That's why I'm writing to you about 1000 sheep, then you can certainly sleep better.

So, I'm going to bed now. Bad news: I'll be back tomorrow!

Sleep well ... and keep your hands over the blanket.

Alarm clock cleaned, teeth combed, clothes set for 7 o'clock. Good night.

I am flat. Good night.

Dad, do you close the closet door before you go out? How so? Anything that can kill you can open the closet door too. Sleep well.

Wasn't hard. I'm soooo tired ... See you tomorrow!

Hopefully the early bird made coffee.

Does anyone still need me today or can I go to bed?

I drag myself off the couch to bed now. Good night.

The same question every evening: set the alarm clock or write notice? Good night…

Status: You landed successfully in bed!

I throw myself in my bed now. Madrasa listening test etc ... of course.

When your eyes go black ... you fell asleep!

Now that the nights are getting colder again, spiders often hide in your beds in search of warmth. Good night.

Tutto kaputto. Good night, see you tomorrow in old freshness!

To help you fall asleep quickly, I'll send you a few more imaginary sheep. Good night!

I wish you some nice, dirty dreams. Good night!

I'm blinking slower and slower and can't help it! I think it's time to go to bed. Good night.

You have to sleep now. Otherwise you will be completely screwed tomorrow!

So now it's just chilling out. I wish you a nice evening and good night later.

You come home and want to tidy up, but stumble so badly that you suddenly lie covered in bed. There's really nothing you can do about that. Good night!

I'm going to do a nice threesome right now: duvet, pillow and me. It's gonna be a hot night!

Do you remember when going to bed was a punishment? ... How stupid we were! in this sense I wish you a good night!

I'm going to bed now. Or as the mosquitoes would say: "The buffet is open!"

It is no longer called sleep, but a longed-for state of complete relaxation without a background of thought. Good night.

Bed doesn't ask questions. Bed doesn't talk. Bed is soft and warm. Bed is nice.

That moment when you finally lie in bed really comfortably and then realize that you have to pee!

My sheep are too fat to jump over the fence ... I just can't sleep!

Brief summary of my day: 1. Torn from deep sleep. 2. I have no idea. 3. Good night.

Can it really be ruled out that we humans do not need hibernation? I find that more and more dubious now.

Good night, I wish you a good night's sleep.

Hopefully the bed isn't too hard! Sleep well.

Why am I wide awake when I go to bed and totally tired when I get up? I hate my life…

I'm great in bed! No, wait a minute. I'm in bed!

I heard it was going to be very dark tonight ... Then go to bed right away. Sleep well.

Good night sleep well! And don't confuse sheep with birds!

Quick, let me through! I have to go to bed!

You almost fall asleep and then sheep number 14923 still sticks to the damn fence and falls on your face.

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Good night sayings for my darling

Sweeten your partner's evening with good night sayings. Whether this is done via email, WhatsApp or SMS is entirely up to you. A good night saying usually consists of a loving greeting, a motivation for the next day or the very simple wish “good night”. A little message to your partner can make him an even better night and, in the best case, he'll fall asleep with you in his mind. It is best to write particularly personal goodnight sayings so that only your partner feels addressed and does not have to fear that you have sent goodnight sayings to each of your contacts.

Whenever the sun goes down and you are not with me, I notice how much my heart misses you.

I wish you a nice evening and sweet dreams.

I would be ready to be kissed to sleep now.

So close at night, but so far during the day! Since I have known you, I like to sleep!

The eyes full of tears, in my thoughts with you, so I go to sleep and dream of you.

I wish I was a cuddly toy
then I would be with you every night.

Would sleep in your crib
and snore under your covers!

Sleeping is really difficult for me, I miss your pretty smile very much! Got me under your spell, that's really not a lie!

Forever you, forever me Sleep well my angel, I love you.

Black night, closed windows. Evil faces, icy cold. Lustful mouths, sleepless nights. Nothing is as bad as a life without you!

Good night, my sweet heart, feel the pain of separation already now. Sleep well and dream of myself - how I would love to be with you now!

I wish I were your blanket, could seduce your delicate skin and lead you to sleep.

Sweet dreams, my little star, because I just love you so much.

My last thought is yours because you are not close enough to me. I dream of you and fall asleep now. I wish you could be with me!

Not sleeping next to you is sad and mean. I really prefer to fall asleep in your arms.

Let yourself be hugged to fall asleep, then I would lift you up to the 7th heaven in your dreams! Wish pleasant sweet dreams!

Now go to rest, close your eyes. Fall asleep in my arms as a sign that you are never alone.

My sweet dream, I love you and would like to see you again, so I'll go to sleep now.

My heart beats inside me and thinks of you alone so often. Now sleep sweetly & dream well, I would love to be with you!

I send you 1000 kisses, catch them and dream of me! I love you!

I want to sleep, I can't because I only think of you again. If you could be with me now then I will definitely fall asleep well!

Sleep well and have sweet dreams! Best of me!

Dream sweetly and rest softly until the morning comes with new splendor!

As lovely as the sparkling dew, like snow glistening in the sun. The feeling in the night is so beautiful when I see you in my dreams.

Now fall asleep calmly, I will always be with you. Here's one last kiss, because now I have to go to bed too. Goodnight My sweetheart!

I am sending you a wonderful dream through time and space. Dream about friends, dancing, laughing and everyone who makes you happy.

It wishes you a good night, your sweetheart who does everything for you. He sends you a big kiss because he has to think about you all the time.

If there were kissing cell phones, yours would now raid you and kiss you goodnight!

I wanted to send you something quickly before my thoughts end in sleep. Just want to say I miss you very much. I'm really looking forward to your return!

There was one thing I wanted to keep from picking up my cell phone today. But one thing left me with no rest, the good night kiss, you get it.

An angel so tiny comes quietly into your room. It comes to you and softly whispers: I wish you a good night.

Good evening, good night - I spent the best time of the day with you today.

I'm cold, the bed is empty. You next to me: How nice that would be! Wish you the sweetest dreams!

The moon rises, you lie down, when will I finally see you again?

I just thought of you and wish you a nice night.

Here comes a short message that promises you a good night, directs the best dreams to you, someone wrote to you who thinks of you.

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