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Top10 list: Restaurants with African cuisine

Exotic game specialties such as crocodile, phyton and zebra promise a very unusual taste journey into African cuisine in the middle of Berlin. But not only the food itself, but also the way of eating is unusual here. Anyone who has always wanted to eat unabashedly with their hands can eat a lot. And when the stomach is filled with unusually delicious treats, the pleasure experience is rounded off perfectly with an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. The Top10 editorial team wishes you a lot of fun exploring the best African restaurants in Berlin!

4th place: KauKau

Behind the names of the Senegalese specialties such as mafé and tilapia are dishes with beef, rice and peanut sauce or fried fish with plantains in the KauKau in Schöneberg.

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5th place: Langano

In Langano in Kreuzberg, chicken is served in Ethiopian paprika or roasted chickpea balls in chilli sauce on the soured flatbread Injera.

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6th place: Blue Nile

The dish Yetsom Wot consists of red lentils with kale, spicy paprika sauce and salad - one of the Ethiopian specialties that the Blue Nile in Kreuzberg prepares.

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