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Palladium arc reactor (Mark I)

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Chrome-plated titanium steel coating

Special features

The Mark II (Mark 2), was the second Iron Man armor designed and created by Tony Stark. It is the successor to the original Mark I armor.

It was constructed as a prototype with an emphasis on researching flight potential. As the first armor of the Iron Man suits built at Stark Industries, the Mark II armor features various new technologies and weapons. It was soon replaced by Mark III armor after its initial flight tests revealed that it was unable to reach the higher atmosphere due to ice formation.

Armaments data [edit | Edit source]

Armor design Edit source]

The Mark II has a basic metallic silver color scheme overall.

Properties [edit | Edit source]


  • Valves: The Mark II has steel flaps that are used to slow down the airspeed when flying or traveling in the air.
  • Stabilizers: The Mark II has ailerons and flaps in the legs and shoulders to increase flight stability. These features are later hidden in the armor in later versions of the suit.

Systems [edit | Edit source]

The Mark II offers a variety of new systems.

  • J.A.R.V.I.S: JARVIS is built into the armor, allowing him to control the suit's systems, manage the rest of the armor's functions, and assist Tony in using the armor.

Composition Edit source]

The armor is made of a light and heavily chrome-plated titanium steel alloy that is absolutely resistant to gunfire and can even withstand falls and attacks from destructive weapons.

Skills [edit | Edit source]

  • Super strength: As a perfected version of Iron Man armor, the Mark II enables superhuman strength. The armor allows the user to lift very heavy objects and improve the user's fighting skills.
  • Flight: Although this feature has become a regular skill for all subsequent armor, the Mark II will be the first to be able to achieve sustained flight. With the repulsors in hand and the boots on, the armor can fly at high speed. The repulsors are a key element in the flight of the armor as they stabilize the armor during flight or while hovering.

Weapons Edit source]

The Mark II offers a new arsenal with different types of weapons.

  • Repulsors: The Mark II has standard repulsors that were mainly used for flight power and stability. Still, as Rhodey showed, they could be used in combat.
  • Unibeam: The Mark II has a standard Unibeam and is a whitish blue that comes from the Unibeam's power source. The Mark II is powered by the Palladium Arc Reactor Mark I.

History [edit | Edit source]

Iron Man: [edit | Edit source]

MK II was a prototype suit on which all other armor was based. His mistakes were noted by Stark during the first test to be corrected later. A layer of ice formed at a great height, which led to a system failure. These findings were incorporated into the development of the MK III.

Iron Man 2 Edit source]

In Iron Man 2, the Mark II was stolen from Rhodey and taken to his superior in a US Air Force. There it was upgraded with many more weapons by Justin Hammer and Hammer Industries, America's second largest arms supplier and Stark Industries' largest competitor. As a result of the conversion, the MK II became War Machine MK I. Ivan Vanko took over the armor at the presentation of the hammer drones and thus forced Rhodey, who was in the armor, to fight Tony Stark. After the remote control could be removed, Iron Man and War Machine jointly defeated Ivan Vanko.

After Iron Man 2 or Marvel's the Avengers: [edit | Edit source]

Tony removed any changes Hammer had made to the armor. The MK II has been added to Tony's Hall of Fame. He built the War Machine Mark II for his friend Rhodey, which was sometimes also referred to as the Iron Patriot after a redesign.

Iron Man 3: [edit | Edit source]

The MK II was destroyed in Iron Man 3 together with the Iron Man MK I, III, IV, V, VI and VII during the attack on Tony's villa.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • The Mark II is the first and only armor to have a pure and shiny silver steel design on its armor as it has no color yet.
  • Since the Mark II has no paint, it is the only armor that has not been painted, other than having a steel-silver appearance from the original color of the metal plating used on it.
  • The armor has a problem with freezing at high temperatures. This has been fixed with the new titanium-gold alloy in the Mark III armor.
  • This armor was temporarily the War Machine Mark I armor from Iron Man 2 to Pre-Iron Man 3.
  • The composition of this armor consists of 3 of the 4 strongest natural metals in the world, namely chrome, titanium and steel.

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