Did Agatha Christie kill her husband

10 facts about Agatha Christie

The doctor and Donna meet the author Agatha Christie at a nice garden party in 1926, solve a series of mysterious murders (committed by an alien wasp) and thus provide the material for Agatha Christie's next novel. The life of the real Agatha Christie was at least as exciting as that of her fictional characters:

1. She had a knack for poison

During the First World War, Agatha Christie worked as a volunteer in a hospital and then trained as a pharmaceutical assistant. At this time she wrote her first detective novel "The missing link in the chain". So it's not surprising that the story is about poisoning.

2. She was a pioneer surfer

In 1922 Agatha Christie traveled the world with her husband Archie for 10 months. Agatha learned to surf in Hawaii and became the first English surfer. By the way, you baptized your surfboard with the name "Fred".

3. She had little education

Agatha Christie taught herself to read and write. You attended school for the first time when you were 12 years old. Afterwards she attended various boarding schools for girls for a few years.

4. Your husband was suspected of murdering you

Shortly after her mother died and she discovered that her husband Archie was cheating on her, Agatha Christie disappeared without a trace. The police suspected Archie of murdering his wife. 11 days after her disappearance, Agatha Christie reappeared safe and sound. She had taken up residence in a seaside resort under the name of her husband's mistress. Agatha Christie claimed she had memory loss and could not remember anything from the past few days. A short time later, you and Archie divorced. She never commented on her disappearance again.

5. She was an archaeologist

When Agatha Christie visited the archaeological sites in Ur (Iraq), she met the 14 years younger archaeologist Max Mallowan. In 1930 the two married. Together with her husband, she traveled to various archaeological sites in Egypt and Iraq over the next few years.

6. She didn't just write as 'Agatha Christie'

Agatha Christie published six novels (including "Singing Glass") under the pseudonym "Mary Westmacott". Agatha Christie remained unrecognized for 19 years. The mystery was only revealed when the Sunday Times published the identity of Mary Westmacott in 1949.

7. She was beaten to queen by the queen

According to her family, Agatha Christie initially refused to accept a title. Only after her Man Max was knighted in 1968 for his services in archeology, she accepted the title of "Dame Comander of the Order of the British Empire" from Queen Elizabeth II in 1971.

8. A breakdown brought her one of her greatest successes

In December 1931, Agatha Christie traveled alone on the Orient Express. As a result of storms, the train was stuck in the middle of the route for 24 hours. This gave birth to the first idea for her novel “Murder on the Orient Express”.

9. She killed Hercule Poirot and then put him in a safe

The detective Hercule Poirot is one of her most successful characters in fiction. However, Agatha Christie wrote his last fall "Curtain" as early as 1940; but kept the script in a safe for 35 years and wrote a few more cases for her master detective in the intervening years. It wasn't until 1975 that the book was published and Hercule Poirot's death even got an obituary in the New York Times.

10. She is the best-selling writer in history

With a total of two to four billion works sold worldwide, she is the best-selling writer in history - beaten only by William Shakespeare. Her play "The Mouse Trap" alone has been performed daily in London's West End since 1952, making it the longest, continuously performed play in history.

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