How can you treat smelly toenails

Smell when cutting toenails

Possible causes of toenail odor

Anyone who cuts their toenails has probably often wondered about a certain smell that is noticeable here. In most cases, this smell under the toenails is just plain uncomfortable and nothing to worry about and can be eliminated with a few simple means.

Unlike the fingernails, the feet get much less air and do not receive as much attention as the hands. In addition, the toenails are much shorter, so that something can easily collect underneath, which gives rise to that special smell. Usually it is a mixture of sweat, dead skin cells and fine clothing fibers that combine to form a mass and more or less “hang” there in front of them.

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However, it should not be forgotten that a disease or infection can also cause an unpleasant odor. Possible are Foot or nail fungus or extremely sweaty feet. If the smell is very strong and bothersome or if there are other changes in the feet, a visit to the dermatologist is recommended to discuss the problem and identify possible diseases.

What can you do about the smell?

There is only one way to prevent the smell or stink regular maintenance. About every three to four days, the Carefully clean the nails from below with a little soap become. The best way to do this is with a nail brush, which should only be used on the feet or toenails in order not to transfer possible bacteria to the hands. The undersides can also be cleaned of impurities with a rosewood stick.

It is essential to ensure that did not use an overly pointed object and not scratched too hard under the nails as this could injure the fine membrane, which in turn Promote penetration of bacteria can.

Who under profuse sweating of the feet suffers should rather too Cotton socks instead of synthetic fabrics. It is also important to them to change daily and always let as much air as possible on your feet.

Home remedies for foot odor

Every now and then you can or should get one Foot bath with refreshing additives such as apple cider vinegar, essential oils or baking soda, for example before cutting your nails, as it is much more effective for cleaning than a simple shower. In addition, not only are the feet happy about this nourishing treatment, it also promises better blood circulation and ensures a bit of wellness at home with a feel-good factor.

Foot deodorant, special foot sprays or even foot powder can also have a positive effect on foot odor and alleviate it.

White, smelly debris under the toenail

If you have a white / yellow smelly deposit (looks similar to cheese), then it could be Nail fungus or some other disease act. With this cause you should act quickly and the Have the nail examined by a doctor. Depending on the type, the attending physician can clean the toenail and also give appropriate tips on care and odor removal, so that the feet are soon fit again.


Author: Podologie-Redaktion - updated on 03.02.2020