Can I live my life now

12 things that make life better now

1. Stay in bed ten minutes longer in the morning
“The British writer Matt Haig once wrote that you can stop time by kissing. I know an even better option: stay in bed ten minutes longer in the morning. And by that I don't mean to take a nap, but to soak up the cozy warmth wide awake. All nasty problems of everyday life - including time pressure - do not penetrate through thick down comforters. " (DW)

2. Bake cinnamon rolls
“When I had the first really big fight with my best friend (I was 9 or 10) and thought nothing would ever be okay, my mother saved me with the scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. I crawled out of my room, ate some of the warm yeast biscuits and immediately suspected: It can't all be bad in this world. Works to this day. " (SP)

3. Help neighbors
"The courtyard door in our apartment building, where there is usually little talk with each other, looked like a notice board in the first few weeks of the Corona - several" younger people "had written nice notes and offered to go shopping for all those who could not or did not want to . I, too, I was shopping for some of my neighbors. Sometimes I should get sour cream and red tulips for the older lady, sometimes dark chocolate and espresso for the man next to us. It can be good to be there for someone. It distracts your gaze from yourself. " (AD)

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4. Look at strange dogs in the park
“When something is more terrible than it should be, I put on my shoes and run into the park. Because here there are reliably the best mood enhancers: dogs. In love with their owners, shepherds who look at themselves, miniature dachshunds who overestimate themselves, poodles with quiffs Of course, I would like to have my own dog, who always looks at me happily and sincerely, but as long as that is not possible, the dogs in my neighborhood are there for me. And because they're dogs, they probably like to do it too. " (DW)

5. Muck out the basement
»Get rid of all the unnecessary rubbish from the basement, then drive to the recycling center and throw bulky boards, ancient skis and broken furniture into the appropriate containers with the greatest possible swing. It can rattle and clink and crash properly. That frees you, is a short workout and the basement can actually be entered again afterwards. " (MB)

6. Sing out loud
“There has never been a better time to sing than right now, this minute. How can you not? Wrong, anyone can! Which song? No matter. The main thing is loud, uninhibited and full of fervor. When your body is full of music and sounds and vibrates from within, your soul smiles. " (JW)

7. Walk in the woods
»Go into the forest with weatherproof clothing and collect something: rose hips, chestnuts, mushrooms, beechnuts, sticks, colored leaves, whatever. The main thing is to go really deep into the forest. It's idyllic, fairytale-like and a bit scary at the same time. Then go home and cook something warm: game goulash or chestnut soup. " (MB)

8. Tickle and let them tickle children
“If there's nothing to laugh about, you have to help out. Preferably with tickling. It works particularly well with children: first tickle them thoroughly, then let them tickle you, then both at the same time. Don't stop until everyone is rolling around on the floor laughing tears. " (JW)

9. Take a bubble bath any day of the week
“Few is as beneficial and comforting as a warm bubble bath. And just when you feel like it - regardless of whether you are actually sorting socks, washing pans or storing things. If you don't have a bathtub, you can treat yourself to a warm footbath for a mini wellness break, wrapped in a cozy blanket and with a cup of cocoa or tea in your hand. " (SP)

10. Vacation Pictures Photo Show
“Sometimes it helps to scroll back a year in the cell phone photos to feel a little better. It is even more effective if you choose a vacation that you have particularly fond memories of and view all the photos on a large screen. With popcorn, sweet drinks and lots of funny anecdotes. Arouses longing, but in a good way. " (SP)

11. Call a loved one and tell them how you are really doing
»Being clear, strong and staying positive are important tasks at the moment. But sometimes the opposite does much, much better: to admit to yourself that you are neither strong nor positive, or that you don't want to be. And say that to a person you trust quite openly and directly on the phone - and that you urgently need encouragement from precisely this person. Feels good for both of them. " (SP)

12. Games evening with your partner (while drinking schnapps)
“When we took out the dice cup at the weekend, the April score sailed towards us. He had been our salvation in the first lockdown. As with many, there was a lot of tension here, including a dispute about who-was-allowed-to-go-for-walks-or-Pilates-when. The solution was to play every evening instead of Netflix: Scrabble, Kniffel, Carcassonne - even the Franconian dialect quiz was taken out (of course it was the funniest). The winner was allowed to choose the next game, the victories were recorded in an eternal tally sheet. Let's do it again - this time with schnapps as a premium for the nasty autumn. Brings: silliness and distraction at its best. " (AD)