How do I change the employment contract?

Change of employment contract: What to consider when changing the employment contract

Any Conditions associated with an employment relationship, are usually in one employment contract held. This can be the Vacation entitlement, working hours or deadlines act that at a termination must be adhered to.

An employment contract therefore constitutes a Summary of rights and obligations that employers and employees must adhere to. Probably the most important example of this is that Provision of work on the part of the employee and the Payment of the salary on the part of the employer.

In a nutshell: Change of employment contract

When can an employment contract be changed?

Changes to employment contracts are usually only possible if both parties agree.

How much reflection time do employees have?

Employers usually have to give their employees three weeks to decide whether or not to agree to a change in the conditions affecting the employment relationship.

What are the options if employees do not agree to the change offer?

If employees do not agree with the change offer, they have various options. You may want to see a labor law attorney to be on the safe side.

But what if the boss is one Change of employment contract wish? Is there even the possibility of a To change employment contract retrospectively? And must workers one Agree to change in the employment contract in any case? Answers to these questions as well Sample of an employment contract amendment can be found in this guide.

When is it possible to change the employment contract?

Just as an employment contract can only be concluded if both parties agree to the respective conditions is also a Change of employment contract usually only possible if both of these agree.

The employer therefore does not have the right against the will of his employees Add changes to the employment contract.

These mostly relate to the regulations too Salary, place of work or working hours. Is the affected employee with the changes I Agree, the whole thing is usually nothing in the way. However, if the working conditions change from the employee's point of view to the negativehe has to Also do not agree to change to the employment contract.

What happens if you don't sign the amendment agreement?

As an employee, you are not with the I agree to the amendment to the employment contractremains your original contract first of all exist like this. Does the employer want the scheduled changes nevertheless make, he only has the option of a so-called Change notice.

This is a Explanationthat for one is a Offer to change the employment contract which shows exactly how the Working conditions in the future should look like. On the other hand, this declaration contains a Note that that Employment relationship is terminated, the employee should be the one concerned with the employment contract Do not accept change.

Would you like the Do not agree to a change in the employment contract, for example because you have the one named in the amendment contract Working hours do not fit, you usually have three options:

  1. You give your employer a Rejection and do not accept the change offer. In this case, the employment relationship is deemed to have expired after the respective notice period has expired completed.
  2. You choose one Lawsuit before the labor court and agree to the change in the employment contract subject to the outcome of the process to. Subsequently, the competent court will check whether the termination by the boss at all was legal. If the lawsuit goes in your favor, your employer has an obligation to do so continue to employ the previous terms. Should you lose the process, your prior consent will ensure that you can keep your Keep job, but then the one requested by the employer applies Change of employment contract.
  3. They decide, without this reservation to sue before the labor court. If you lose the process in this case, that applies Employment as terminated. This usually happens should the court die Termination as admissible look at. Since you did not agree to the change in the employment contract, you have to Leave company here. If you win the process, your boss needs you continue to work on the terms as before.
So you should weigh carefullyhow to behave when your boss gives you one Addendum to the employment contract submits. It is best to have a Labor law attorney to be consulted before communicating your decision to your employer. Usually you need this one Three weeks time limit admit within which you are decide for or against changing the employment contract can.

Sample: This is what an amendment contract according to labor law could look like

To give you at least one rough idea of conveying how a Amendment agreement to the employment contract look like, we will present you at this point template one of these available. Depending on, what change to the employment contract each time you want to be taken, you must do this adjust accordinglybefore you use it.

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Change of employment contract: What to consider when changing the employment contract
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