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Travel vegan: simply veg!

Tips for vegan travel

A vegan vacation starts at home in your own four walls. Websites that list vegan hotels and restaurants are not the only thing that can be consulted in advance. It is often helpful that Destination + vegan travel in the search engine to get lots of practical tips or specific tips on vegan hotels and restaurants. If you have actually not found an accommodation set up for vegan trips, you can call the hotel before the trip and ask whether it would still be possible to get a vegan breakfast. The same also applies to the flight. Most airlines offer a vegan alternative, but you have to order this before you travel. If you would rather eat out on holiday than in the hotel, it is advisable to find out about the preparation and ingredients of traditional, local dishes in advance. On site you can always ask in a friendly manner in the restaurant whether you can get something vegan to eat. Peta Germany even offers the practical Vegan Passport at. This now lists in around 74 languages ​​what vegans are allowed to eat, making communication easier.

The easiest way to solve the problem with shower gel and hair shampoo is to use them all Bring your own cosmetic products, since only vegan hotels pay attention to ingredients and production. A vegan holiday is particularly easy if you book a holiday apartment or go on a camping holiday instead of a vegan hotel. Bread, fruit and vegetables can be bought anywhere in the world and soy milk can now also be found in most supermarkets, so it is easy to provide for yourself when traveling vegan.

Vegan vacation in Germany

Holidays in Germany are becoming more and more popular, whether on the North and Baltic Sea coasts or in southern Germany. Germany is ideal for vegan travel, as there are not only vegan hotels but also numerous guesthouses and inns that focus on specializing in vegan vacations. Wellness trips, health cures or sports and active holidays can be ideally combined here and those who like things a little more comfortable don't have to do without a good helping of luxury. Small castles, old manors and organic farms have partly adjusted not only to vegan customers, but also to a holistic, conscious lifestyle and also offer cures or yoga courses. One special large selection Vegan restaurants can of course be found in Big cities like Berlin and Hamburg. There are also very special highlights, such as vegan river cruises.

There are of course places in the world that are more suitable for vegan travel than others. Eastern Europe, for example, is generally considered to be very meat-heavy and especially in Russia it is difficult to travel vegan, so the range of vegan hotels and restaurants is rather meager, at least according to the Internet. Vacation in Asia on the other hand, is considered very vegan-friendly, since many dishes are already traditionally vegetarian. But here, too, caution is advised. The traditional Indian ghee, for example, is clarified butter, which is used for cooking and frying, and many other Asian dishes are prepared with egg, fish sauce or seafood paste. Perhaps surprising to some of you, but even them United States are great despite burgers, bacon and co vegan friendly. Even large fast food chains such as Taco Bell offer vegan dishes. As is so often the case here California the pioneer. There is, for example, the vegan one Loving Hut restaurant chain, which originally comes from Taiwan and already operates around 200 branches worldwide.

Find vegan hotels and restaurants

You will find several on the following websites a hundred vegan hotels and accommodations all over the world and many more helpful tips and tricksTo travel vegan as easily as possible: