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First Lady - Melania Trump: style icon for some - hated by others

Melania Trump: style icon for some - hated by others

Donald Trump's wife was uncomfortable in the role of first lady and rarely appeared in public. It could not contribute to the reconciliation of the country. Also because she never got a chance.

She stayed true to herself until literally the last minute. As one of her last official acts, if one can really speak of an office in connection with the first lady, the first lady, Melania Trump published a video this week.

In a message lasting almost seven minutes, Donald Trump's wife reminded the Americans that in recent years they had been using the motto “Be Best” - which in German also translates as “Show yourself from your best side” lets - tried to positively influence the zeitgeist. As a result, 50-year-old Melania Trump struck conciliatory tones in her farewell speech and said: "Always prefers love to hate, peace to violence" and since selflessly.

A Farewell Message from First Lady Melania Trump pic.twitter.com/WfG1zg2mt4

- Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) January 18, 2021

At least half of their fellow citizens reacted like CNN host Brooke Baldwin when they saw this video and said, "You must be kidding!" Perhaps these Americans even resorted to stronger words. Because, of course, this message is in contradiction to her husband's reign. Even if the 45th President had rarely appeared in public since his election defeat last November; it will be his legacy that from the White House he wanted to destroy the foundation on which the American republic stands.

To be fair, one must say: In this America, which for the sake of simplicity we can call the “blue”, left-wing America, Melania Trump never gave Trump a chance. The very fact that the native Yugoslavian from what is now Slovenia was married to Donald Trump made her a persona non grata - a person you don't want to have anything to do with.

Melania was always loyal to her husband

Because Melania, for her part, had no interest in stabbing her controversial husband in the back and publicly commenting on or condemning his numerous missteps, left-wing America saw no reason to change its mind. It fits that Trump refused to talk to her "successor" and Jill Biden did not even communicate by phone.

The sparse appearances of Melania Trump as "First Lady" were therefore ignored in the best case - also because President's daughter Ivanka (39) constantly tried to push her out of the spotlight. Or they were mocked because Trump always came up with too much appearance and too little being. This criticism wasn't always fair. So you can think what you want of Melania Trump, but when she kept appointments that were in the tradition of her predecessors, she spread joy. Shortly before Christmas she visited a children's hospital in Washington, read a story to the young patients and played a game of bingo.

The “red”, right, America, on the other hand, saw itself confirmed when presenters from a news channel made contemptuous comments about Melania Trump. And the woman who, even after 25 years in America, still speaks with a strong accent and does not exactly correspond to the ideal image of a conservative - for example, nude photos still circulate from the 1990s when Trump made her living as a photo model - became a style icon for Trump supporters. Both men and women were enthusiastic about the cool elegance of the "First Lady".

In the end, the bottom line is that both Mr. and Mrs. Trump divided the country deeply: Those who love him, and that's still millions of Americans, loved them too. And whoever hates Donald doesn't want to know anything about Melania, "Be Best" or not.