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The Australian school system

The Australian school system

The Australian school system is considered to be one of the best in the world. Above all, the level of instruction and the equipment in the schools are of a high standard and can be seen in a global comparison.

Quarters instead of half-years

With your student exchange in Australia, the school year is divided into four quarters, so-called "terms", each of which lasts about three months. The terms begin in February, April, June and October, although it is important to note that the exact dates vary from state to state.

On the other side of the world, the school year starts in January or February and ends in November or December. This is due to the geographical location of Australia on the southern hemisphere - and thus the precisely "opposite" seasons. At the end of each term you will usually receive a certificate in which the teachers of the various subjects give you feedback on the performance of the last few weeks. The highlight for many exchange students are the two-month long summer vacation over Christmas. Bet you will like that too?

All school types under one roof

Measured against the German school system, the Australian high school corresponds to a comprehensive school that covers all types of school (elementary, secondary, secondary and grammar school) and enables a variety of qualifications. Just like in Germany, there is a primary school and a secondary school. The official »high school« ends after the 10th grade, just like our secondary school, and the students have the choice of adding another two years of school to the »college«.

In some cities, high school and college are also linked. Australian students typically go to elementary school for seven years and high school or college for another five years. At the end of their school days, the students receive a »High School Certificate«, Which corresponds to the German Abitur and requires the successful two-year attendance of grades 11 and 12. Usually young people are 17-18 years old when they receive the school leaving certificate.

Many subjects - the choice is yours

The Australian school system is similar to the American one in terms of choice of subjects and leisure activities. Compared to Germany, you have a huge pool of subjects to choose from, which are both general, creative and preparatory for your career. In the article »High School Course Selection« you can look again at the tips on choosing a subject and the possible combinations at the school abroad.

In addition to the many subjects, you also have the choice between many clubs and teams in which you can get involved. There are, for example, offers on softball, rugby, basketball, triathlon, sailing as well as orchestras, choirs and bands or theater and environmental groups. There is something for everyone outside of class. Participation in such clubs and teams can make it easier for you as an exchange student to gain access to and connect with others.

The special student-teacher relationship

In addition to the focus on the academic content, Australian schools place a special focus on the personal and character development of the students and try to promote each one individually. The many subject options offer the opportunity to concentrate on individual interests.

Above all, the role of the teacher represents the biggest difference between Germany and Australia. While teachers in their German homeland often seem rather distant, Down Under they are friendly, open, committed and often like friends. The relationship between student and teacher is unique and special. You feel that you are being encouraged and challenged better and more individually.

It is certainly a special experience for you to wear a school uniform. When does everyone in school wear exactly the same thing in Germany? Never. In Australia, uniforms create cohesion and community. To experience this feeling as an exchange student is unique. You can find everything about this exciting topic in our article »School Uniforms in Australia«.

Modern rooms, technology and teaching methods

But it is not just the way we deal with each other that is special. The school system in many schools is also characterized by the modern equipment of the classrooms, the latest computer technology and media as well as the large learning and further training areas such as libraries and work rooms. Many teachers incorporate the latest techniques and electronic teaching methods into their lessons. This is how you learn the traditional academic content in a fresh and modern way.

This may be one reason why the students tend to be more motivated and active in class and seem to be interested in the topics. But convince yourself, keep your eyes open and enjoy this extraordinary change in everyday school life!


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