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Chicken: Versatile enjoyment

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Chicken is one of the best-selling types of meat in Germany. It is usually sold under the name of chicken, is low in fat and can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Chickens are male or female animals with a short fattening time and a weight of up to 1,200 grams. Animals with a higher weight and slightly longer fattening time are also known as poulards. The meat of corn-fed chickens or poulards has a particularly fine taste. Since the animals are mainly fed with corn, the meat has a slightly yellowish color. Older, heavier animals are called soup chickens. Most of them were previously kept as laying hens. Guinea fowl are a breed of their own, with a small, rounded body and dark, mottled plumage. Their tender meat tastes intense and aromatic.

Chicken breast: low in fat and easily digestible

Chicken breast is low in fat and can be prepared in a variety of ways.

In addition to whole chickens, individual parts such as breasts, legs or wings are mainly available in stores. Chicken breast is particularly popular because it is low in fat, easy to digest and quick to prepare. The breast meat is available with skin and bones (supreme) or already loosened as breast fillet.

Prepare the chicken

Chicken or Chicken?

When you hear the word chicken you automatically think of a male animal. In the past, females were kept for laying eggs, the males for slaughter and mostly cooked as grilled chickens. Today a distinction is made between chickens for egg and meat production. Therefore, chickens can be both male and female animals.

Since poultry is more often contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella or Campylobacter than other types of meat, particular attention should be paid to hygiene during preparation. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after working in the kitchen, possibly wear kitchen gloves when handling the meat. Always rinse knives and dishes that have come into contact with the meat during preparation with hot water and never use them uncleaned to cut raw vegetables. Always cook the meat completely through, it must no longer have any reddish spots.

Recipes with chicken

Whether braised in the oven, grilled or with an Asian touch from the wok: great recipe ideas for chicken. more

Always season the chicken well

The light-colored, lean meat from the chicken breast is relatively dry and has little taste of its own. It is therefore advisable to use spices and herbs generously during preparation or to marinate the meat beforehand. The legs contain a little more fat and therefore taste more juicy. Whole chickens as well as individual parts such as breast and legs also taste great grilled or cooked in the oven. Soup chicken meat is too tough to roast, but very aromatic. It should cook for a long time and is suitable for soups or fricasses, for example.

Chicken: Often from factory farming

Antibiotics are often used in poultry farming.

The problem with buying chicken is the fact that it mainly comes from factory farming. The animals have hardly any space in the narrow stables and are fattened up to slaughter in a very short time. The use of large quantities of antibiotics, which increases the risk of the formation of resistant germs, is particularly problematic. Such germs are repeatedly detected in the chicken meat in tests. Those who value species-appropriate and low-antibiotic husbandry should use organic chicken. Organic chicken breeders are also allowed to use antibiotics in individual cases, but their use is severely restricted. In addition, the animals are fattened more slowly and have more space.

Store chicken properly

Like other meat, chicken should be kept refrigerated during transport and consumed as quickly as possible, at the latest after one or two days. Because of the risk of salmonella, chicken should be kept separate from other foods if possible. It will keep for several months when frozen.

Store meat properly

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