What is managed WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting comparison

On our WordPress hosting comparison you will find offers with the addition "Full Managed". These offers are often more expensive than the rest of the "shared hosting" offers. Why is that and when does managed hosting even make sense for WordPress projects?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) worldwide. One of the most important factors in the success of WordPress is that it is free. But so are other CMSs such as Joomla !, Typo3, Contao, Redaxo and Drupal. WordPress has impressed most users with its ease of use. Even without extensive knowledge of web technologies or even programming skills, a user can install and set up a WordPress in a few minutes. Thanks to the large community, there is a suitable plug-in or a fully designed theme for almost every application.

Reason enough for the hosting provider to turn to the huge WordPress community with special offers. In our comparison we have listed the most important of the hosting providers known to us that make WordPress hosting possible. We differentiate between the offers

  • Fully managed
  • Shared hosting, but with a package configuration specially tailored to WordPress
  • Shared hosting with no packages tailored for WordPress. Nevertheless, WordPress projects can be hosted here.

In our comparison you can set a filter that only shows fully managed offers.

What does full managed mean?

The idea behind this is to offer the website operator a completely stress-free hosting experience. This should be able to concentrate on its core business. Because website operators are rarely also experienced hosting and server admins at the same time.

1. speed

Fast loading websites have become an important success factor. Users don't feel like waiting several seconds for a website to load completely. In particular, mobile visitors who call up a website with a smartphone expect it to load quickly. In addition, it has long been known in the SEO industry (search engine optimization) that Google uses website speed as a ranking factor.

There can be several reasons why a page is loading slowly. As a rule, however, it is an interaction between the WordPress CMS and the server architecture. In the case of a managed WordPress offer, the provider has optimally equipped the servers for the needs of WordPress. The managed hosters often use NGINX as web server software, which is optimally designed for load distribution and caching. You equip the web hosting packages with more PHP memory and give the hosting package fast SSD storage.

Furthermore, the providers rely on efficient caching of the web content, e.g. through the use of memcache and a CDN (Content Delievery Network).

These are all additional features that are usually not included in normal "shared hosting" offers and that greatly accelerate your WordPress website.

2. Security

Unfortunately, there are tons of hackers out there trying to break into someone else's systems. These are not limited to large companies, banks and authorities, but rather hack hundreds of thousands of small websites. Why do you think?

These websites form a bot network unnoticed by their owners, which the hackers rent out for any illegal purpose.

Full managed providers keep the WordPress core and usually also the plugins up to date, so they carry out the updates for you. That brings a high level of security. If a page is infiltrated anyway, the providers will help you to get your website clean again - this service is usually included free of charge in the full-managed offers.

3. Scalability

They finally managed to get their website known. Maybe because you received a link from a news site or because you went up in Google's rankings. But when things go bad, your visitors only see a white page, e.g. with the HTTP error code 503 (Service Unavailable - The server is currently unavailable (because it is overloaded or down for maintenance). Generally, this is a temporary state ).

Managed hosting providers automatically scale the web server load through caching, load balancing or the use of CDNs. Your website is just as fast, even with a high number of visitors, as with just a few hundred visits.

4. Support

One of the biggest advantages is the premium support that the fully managed hosters offer their customers. You will be supported with your questions by real WordPress experts who have years of experience in dealing with WordPress systems and will not leave you out in the rain with your questions. In addition to these WP experts, there will certainly be others in the team who are well versed in the areas of PHP, MySQL and server software (NGINX, Apache).

5. Backups

Managed WordPress hosters pull copies of your website every night, which can be reactivated if necessary, e.g. if an error occurs after an update. You don't have to worry about anything yourself here either.


We've now heard quite a bit about the benefits of managed WordPress systems. Are there any disadvantages?
Managed WordPress is definitely more expensive than a normal shared hosting offer. The offer is usually aimed at companies that operate their website on the basis of WordPress (e.g. shops based on WooCommerce). But also ambitious bloggers who want to concentrate on their content and not with the technical operation of their website.

One point that should also be mentioned is that the user has less control over the system. He mostly hands over the sovereignty over technical issues to the hoster. In some cases (HostEurope, “Basic” tariff) he no longer even has FTP access. But that is also the advantage on the other hand.

Web designers and agencies

Another customer group for managed WordPress hosting are web designers and web agencies who want to offer their customers everything from a single source. For this group it is ideal if they can hand over the server configuration to specialists and concentrate on the core business again here - creating great websites.

Some providers have responded to the needs of this customer group and offer bulk WordPress hosting, i.e. cheaper tariffs with which a larger number of WordPress systems can be managed. In our comparison, RAIDBOXES from Münster and Savvii from the Netherlands offer this bulk service.