Miss living in the UK

And what do you think of when you think of the UK?

Great Britain says goodbye, EU. The “press” also says goodbye - with a list of things we love about Britain and thoughts about the future. Discuss with us!

With a "very British" special edition, the "press" says goodbye to Great Britain from the EU. Among other things, we have listed again what we love about Great Britain: from the subway to eating (yes, actually!) To reading.

Editor-in-chief suggests a more serious tone Rainer Nowak at. He warns against underestimating the British: “Anyone who thinks that Britain will now fall into agony is wrong. A new economic competitor for the European Union will awaken across the English Channel, ”he commented on the occasion of Brexit.

EU head of department Wolfgang Boehmsays, however: "We won't have to miss Great Britain for long." Why? “This separation is just a relative one,” he writes in an editorial. The EU and Great Britain are too dependent on each other.

Guest columnist Christian Ortner thinks that the future prospects for Great Britain are not that bad. "The departure of the British, who are always economically liberal and skeptical of regulation, will strengthen those in the EU, above all France, who believe in central planning of the economy," writes Ortner - and therefore comes to the conclusion: "Dear British, we will miss you more than we you. "


Discuss with: What connects you with Great Britain? What do you love, what annoys you? Do you understand the British? And: What are the consequences of Brexit for Great Britain and the EU?