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Our IPTV experts regularly compare the current tariffs of the available IPTV providers for you. The overview helps you to quickly and easily find the best tariff for you personally.

There are currently three real national IPTV providers. Deutsche Telekom offers IPTV as an additional option to the broadband tariffs "Magenta at home". Vodafone also offers its own IPTV package under the name "GigaTV Net". The third party is 1 & 1, which has been offering IPTV as a separate product since the beginning of 2018.

Nevertheless, IPTV is also becoming more and more popular in Germany. More than 4.2 million households are already using the future-oriented transmission method for digital TV. Not least because of the many interesting additional options, channels and innovative functions that IPTV offers. For example, time-shifted television, restart of TV programs, replay, blockbusters on demand or electronic TV magazines. Image and sound quality have long been able to compete with digital cable and satellite solutions. AND: IPTV sometimes even offers price advantages! Here is an overview of the offers.

Quick overview:

Actions until May 31, 2021. * among other things because 12 months up to 20 € cheaper + online credit + router; ** including 6 months cheaper basic fee for (V) DSL


The availability of IPTV is already quite good today. The basic requirement for IPTV is fast Internet access with at least 6-16 Mbit / s. More than 40 million households are already supplied with this line quality. But the spread of even faster VDSL and fiber optics (> 50 Mbit) is getting better and better. For high-resolution HDTV or even UltraHD, reception via such high-speed connections is recommended. VDSL from Telekom is currently available for around 80 percent of households. For those who don't have fast DSL or VDSL, Telekom also offers "MagentaTV via satellite". »Test availability for IPTV here

1. Deutsche Telekom IPTV - "Magenta Home + TV"

In our opinion, the most attractive and mature IPTV offering currently comes from Deutsche Telekom. The provider not only has the largest range of channels, streaming partners and films in the online video library. The spectrum of functions, as well as the possibility to enjoy programs in outstanding picture quality via (U) HDTV, make MagentaTV the best IPTV provider currently available.

2. Vodafone IPTV

In our opinion, the TV connection only scores with its flexibility. Whether at home on the TV set or on the go via the app - you determine what is going where! Otherwise there is very little for the money - not even a pause function has been integrated. Not to mention recordings. GigaTV-Net is available from € 44.98 (including € 14.99 per month for TV) in a complete package with (V) DSL and telephone.

3. 1und1 TV

1und1 has been offering a new TV connection for its broadband customers since the beginning of 2020. "1 & 1 HD Fernsehen" is a stand-alone product and is optionally available with the VDSL and fiber optic tariffs. Most of the functions are no longer processed locally, but via a cloud. For example, recordings of TV programs or the restart of current programs.

Video in demand

Availability:only via third party providers
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Video on Demand offers

From a technical point of view, video-on-demand is also a form of "Internet television". However, no continuous program is broadcast. Video on Demand is more like a video store on demand with your remote control. As a customer, you decide when you want to see which film, series, documentary, etc. In addition to the integrated VoD offers of the IPTV providers, there are also "stand-alone" offers. So those where only a fast DSL connection has to be available from any provider. »Video-on-Demand offers (VoD) in detail.

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