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We are the French teachers: Mrs. Flechtner, Mrs. Hommel, Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Stolle


French is used as a second foreign language at the Bohnstedt-Gymnasium Luckau


Why should you actually learn French?

                    Our arguments are understandable and convincing:

1. We invite you to lively and meaningful communication in class

with your classmates.


2. Do you remember some words in French that are wonderfully soft and

melodious sound? You can learn that with us.


3. You improve your JOB chances with your knowledge of French.

The German companies work together with economically strong partners,

And they're not just in France, our neighboring country.

French is also spoken as a national language in many other countries, such as

e.g. in Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and many African countries.

About 230 million people on our planet speak French.


4. You experience enormous personal gain with French.

French has enriched the lives of many former students and plays one

outstanding role in their personal development.

So many former students who are fascinated by the language began

a teaching degree for French. Some former students are now even working in

France, be it as a teacher or in other professions.

You can also do an internship in France during the summer holidays or after graduating from high school

complete. Our students also use this opportunity.


5. We invite you to learn French with young French people.

Our partner students in France learn the German language in high school from

Morez. Every year there is an exchange visit with interested people from Luckau and

French students. These students report after our encounters about

wonderful and unforgettable experiences with the French

Exchange students, the French way of life and our excursions.

If you want to know more about it, then use the link:

           Französisch- Austausch.html


6. If you want, you can take a certificate alongside the French class

take in French. We prepare you for it.

The certificate DELF you can take in Berlin at the Institut Franϛais.

With this degree, doors open for you at universities and colleges where you are

want to apply. For this the link:üfungen


There are many other reasons to turn to the French language.

Let's just think of France as a wonderful holiday destination in which you can then

can communicate.



More information about the French department:

The content of the lessons in the secondary level I and II correspond to the internal school curricula, which we colleagues in the French department use on the basis of the curriculum of the MBJS of the state of Brandeburg.


At the center of the lessons of the classes 7-10 are topics that the youngsters

concern directly, e.g.

... my family, my friends, my leisure activities, my class.

In addition, they learn content and acquire language skills on the following topics:

French cuisine, regions in France, francophone countries.


In the Secondary level II (Grades 11-12), students can generally use the French language

                                Basic course (GK) or the intensified course(LK)

choose. The creation of these courses depends on the number of students.

The requirements in LK are  more demanding in terms of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.


Choose a student French as a second foreign language in the Bohnstedt-Gymnasium, then numerous other offers await him in addition to the lessons.

For example our student encounter with France, excursions,

Internet correspondents with French students.

Particularly gifted students are instructed by their French teacher on the Language diploma

DELF prepared.


Excursions and events

French exchange