Follow your own advice


  • after something after someone afterwards ... afterwards ... after ...
  • follow (someone) like his shadow follow (someone) inconspicuously ↗spying out ↗shadowing ↗guarding ↗observing · ↗monitoring ● ↗spying inf.
  • to keep close on his heels · don't let yourself be shaken off · ↗stay on
  • find (a) trail · pick up (someone's) track · pick up (someone's) trail
  • Do not leave (someone) · accompany (someone) every step of the way · do not allow (someone) to take a step unaccompanied
  • fig. · Throw an eye (on) fig. · Want to pull ashore coll., Fig. · Horny (to be) horny. · Hot (to be) horny. · Want to get horny. · Keen on inf.