What is your drop shipping service

What is dropshipping?

In addition, sales can be increased by the fact that online shops with dropshipping can offer an almost infinite variety of products. A large assortment makes an online retailer more attractive to customers. Another advantage is the location independence: Neither at Head office still at Operation of the shop attention must be paid to the location. All you need is a good internet connection. That's why dropshipping is perfect for digital nomads who want to work from anywhere in the world.

In addition to these advantages, dropshipping also has some disadvantages. As an online retailer with dropshipping, you have to rely on the decisive factors in the Customer experience does not affect and must fully rely on his partners. It starts with shipping, extends to guaranteeing the quality of the goods ordered and ends with the returns process. If something goes wrong here at any point, the stands for the customer The online shop is responsible, even if the fault lay with the wholesaler or manufacturer. Reputation and brand trust grow only slowly, but can quickly fade again due to the neglect of others. This is especially true if you haven't carefully checked your wholesalers and manufacturers in advance. Anyone who sells defective or counterfeit goods in their online shop must also bear the consequences.

The great advantage of not having your own inventory is also a great disadvantage. With dropshipping Several online shops always purchase a manufacturer's inventory or Wholesaler. This means that items can be sold out before the online retailer notices. This in turn leads to additional work, since in such a case all customers who have ordered that article must be informed immediately about the delay.

Lastly, the shipping process can be a disadvantage. When a customer has different products from various manufacturers and wholesalers If ordered through a shop, he still ideally expects it a single shipment. With dropshipping, such an order usually means that the customer receives different packages, from different delivery services, at different delivery times and different shipping costs.