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Are you looking for a place in Kassel and the surrounding area where you can get delicious vegan food? Or are you wondering where you can order purely plant-based pizza? Then we have a list with the right offer for you. If you have additional suggestions or want to submit a criticism, send us a message. :)

The list of vegetarian localities also includes restaurants that have a meat-based niche menu. In such cases this is explicitly listed in the description text. With the purely vegan companies you can be sure that no animal products are offered here. For groceries from markets, take a look at our shopping guide.


At Ali
Westring 73, 34127 Kassel

Phone: 0561 8619434

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

who At Ali don't know, should definitely stop by the small snack kiosk bar. This is where you get a real Nordstadt feeling. All dishes (Köfte, Falafel, Tsatsiki, etc.) are also offered in vegan.

Falafel Grill Point
Werner-Hilpert-Strasse 20, 34117 Kassel

Mobile: 01573 7740622

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Facebook

Lebanese snack bar below Kassel's main train station, right next to Club A.R.M., long opening times on weekends. The Falafel Grill Point has now reserved an area of ​​the menu only for vegan dishes. To avoid mix-ups, you should always add the number and, if possible, “vegan” when ordering. The falafel bag with hummus is particularly delicious!

Königsplatz 61, 34117 Kassel (Citypoint)

Mobile: 0172 5654554

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

At Immergrün you get many fresh and healthy vegan smoothies and dishes, including a wrap that is explicitly labeled as vegan and a falafel burger.

MM’S curry
Mauerstraße 11 (in Kurfürstengalerie), 34117 Kassel

Phone: 0561 93725624

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

You come to MM’s Curry when you go to the lower floor of the Kurfürstengalerie. According to the menu, there are at least four delicious vegan dishes - and the best: You can also order via

Simply toastNEW ADDRESS
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 32-34, 34117 Kassel

Phone: 0561 81695582

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

Simply Toast currently has two plant-based toast variants for you: sunflower with sun-dried tomatoes and olives or beetroot with cashew nuts and apple.

To the happy mountain pigNEW ADDRESS
Weserstraße 2, 34125 Kassel

Phone: 0561 82089944

Vegan | Facebook

Vegan doner kebab, pizza, hamburgers, homemade fries and other fast food classics, good selection of drinks, 100% vegan.


Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 23, 34117 Kassel

Mobile: 01521 6146153

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

African cuisine with Eritrean and Ethiopian dishes. The vegan get-together takes place here on the first Sunday of the month. Lots of vegan main courses, highly recommended.

Bistro HahnNEW
Pestalozzistraße 10, 34119 Kassel

Phone: 0561 47453272

Vegetarian / vegan | Website | Facebook

Formerly Café Hahn, later Potpourri and today Bistro Hahn - the restaurant can look back on an eventful history, in which, however, it has always been able to maintain its permanent position in the Front West. Today, guests can expect vegetarian-Ayuverdian cuisine with vegan options, from breakfast to dinner there are always two to three dishes explicitly marked as vegan on the menu, such as a vegan breakfast bowl, a Thai curry or a hearty mushroom burger with homemade BBQ -Sauce.

Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 116, 34119 Kassel

Phone: 0561 7399230

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

Vegans get their money's worth in the traditional Eberts restaurant on Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. In addition to the breakfast menu, there are numerous vegan dishes that are also marked as such on the menu, such as a delicious Moroccan carrot-ginger cream soup with red lentils as a starter and an oriental bowl as a main course. Much can also be easily veganized. Perfect for going out to eat with omnivorous relatives or friends.

Autumn apple
Kohlstrasse 20, 34121 Kassel

Phone: 0561 84090000

Vegetarian / vegan | Facebook

A smoker's pub that is over 50 years old became the autumn apple in July 2017. Initially, the restaurant started as a craft beer bar, followed by a vegan-vegetarian menu. The Herbstapfel organizes a vegan brunch at regular intervals, which is now very popular.

Humburg’s Eck - café and restaurant
Bahnhofstrasse 1, 34225 Baunatal-Großenritte

Phone: 05601 9689696

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Facebook

In Humburg’s Eck you can eat and drink excellent vegan food, under the heading “meat-free but not without irritation” you can find delicious plant-based dishes. Since they are not always labeled as vegan, it is worth asking.

Stairs street 9, 34117 Kassel

Phone: 0561 20260398

Vegetarian / vegan | Facebook

Ayuverdic and vegan Indian-Pakistani cuisine, incredibly delicious dishes in a cozy atmosphere right in and yet next to the city center of Kassel. The restaurant has been extremely popular since it opened in 2014.

Soup plantationNEW
Wehlheider Platz 3, 34121 Kassel

Phone: 0561 99791263

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

In the soup plantation there are about five different soups every week, 2-3 of which are vegan. The vegan offer is not on the website, but it is excellent in the shop itself.

Wilhelmshöher Allee 61, 34121 Kassel

Phone: 0561 7668866

Vegetarian / vegan | Website | Facebook

Indian vegan / vegetarian food and drinks. The Kassel ProVeg Group meets here once a month for a regulars' table.

University of Kassel - canteens
Addresses on the website of the student union

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website

The University of Kassel offers a comparatively good vegan menu in the various canteens. At some locations, a vegan main course is offered (almost) every day, the menu can be viewed online on the Studentenwerk website.

University of Kassel - central canteen
Moritzstrasse 20, 34127 Kassel

Phone: 0561 8040

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

During the lecture period, at least one vegan main course is usually offered in the central cafeteria at the Holländischer Platz location. Many side dishes are also purely vegetable and can be combined to make a filling meal. Even for non-students, the prices are absolutely reasonable. Opposite the rear end of the food counter is a separate showcase where you can get vegan side dishes and dessert.

Königstor 46, 34117 Kassel

Phone: 0561 84095519

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

In the organic restaurant Weissenstein, a vegan breakfast is offered that is explicitly marked on the menu. Interested parties should be warned, however, that the focus in this restaurant is on dishes based on animals. In addition to products from the region, there is a meat counter in the locality.


Hartwigstrasse 14, 34125 Kassel

Phone: 0561 872703

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Facebook

The Streiter bakery and confectionery shop is well-known in Kassel, and they often offer a vegan selection of cakes and pies. Here you have to be quick, because word of that has already got around among the Kassel vegans.


because’s organic market
Königsplatz 53, 34117 Kassel

Phone: 0561 70161874

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website

At Denn’s you get vegan main meals (changing lunch menus) as well as plant-based cakes and other pastries such as the highly recommended cherry and marzipan slices, quinoa corners and cookies. Vegan croissants and sandwiches are also available. A staircase diagonally opposite the counter leads to cozy sitting areas on the first floor with a view of part of the former Kaskade cinema or, optionally, the Königsplatz.

Collective café Kurbad
Sternstrasse 20, 34123 Kassel

Vegetarian / vegan | Website | Facebook

In the collective café Kurbad behind the wire bridge, great value is placed on organic drinks / meals from seasonal and regional structures. There are incredibly delicious vegan cakes and hot drinks with plant milk, which you can enjoy relaxing on the terrace on the Fuldaufer when the weather is good.

Meyerbeer-Coffee (in Thalia bookstore)
Obere Königsstrasse 30, 34117 Kassel

Vegetarian / vegan | Facebook

You can find the café on the first floor of Thalia near Königsplatz. As far as available on the day, Meyerbeer offers different types of vegan cakes and cookies, also multigrain baguettes with tomato cream and avocados have already been offered there. Hot drinks with plant milk are also no problem. The comfortable seating with a view of the Obere Königsstraße invites you to take a well-deserved break.

MooN waffleNEW
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 1, 34117 Kassel

Phone: 0561 85010574

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

MooN Waffle offers a delicious vegan waffle variant and a salad that you can put together yourself (also vegan possible).

Sandershäuser Str. 79, 34123 Kassel

Phone: 0561 49198466

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

The Sandershaus is a cultural project, hostel and venue for concerts. It is also a café with hot meals in the evening. In the morning, guests can not only drink milk-free cappuccino, but also choose from various vegan or vegetarian breakfasts. From 5.30 p.m. (except Mondays) there is warm meals with a large selection of hummus plates, homemade fries or vegan burgers. There are also changing daily specials.

Center Helfensteine ​​(Zierenberg)NEW
Helfensteiner Hof 11, 34289 Zierenberg, Germany

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

The Helfenstein Center in Zierenberg is a community of people who want to live consciously and close to nature. Helfenstein includes a café where guests can get vegan cakes, among other things. On the website you will find a description of how to get there from Kassel.

Ice cream parlors

Cortina organic ice cream parlor
Wilhelmshöher Allee 134, 34119 Kassel

Phone: 0561 2079499

Vegetarian / vegan | Website | Facebook

In the ice cream parlor you can get home-made vegan organic ice cream, due to the changing offer, it's best to ask which types are vegan.


Schönfelder Str. 18, 34121 Kassel

Phone: 0561 281989

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

In the fiasco, in addition to the usual range of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, you get a vegan hamburger (vegetable patty with balsamic mustard dressing, steakhouse fries and salad garnish) for € 8.80.

Cocktail bars

Opernstrasse 9, 34117 Kassel

Phone: 0561 703379

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

The place is a mixture of cocktail bar and restaurant, here you can get various vegan snacks and main dishes, which are also explicitly marked as vegan on the menu. Examples would be the “Burrito Tampico” (wheat tortilla) and the “Batatas Fritas” (sweet potato fries with dip).

Delivery services

Call a pizza
Wolfhager Str. 401, 34128 Kassel

Phone: 0561 9985670

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website

Call a Pizza currently offers four vegan pizzas and other delicacies for delivery. Yeast melt is used as a cheese alternative.

Hello pizza
Wilhelmshöher Allee 18, 34117 Kassel

Phone: 0561 7034440

Omnivorous & vegan friendly | Website | Facebook

At Hallo Pizza you will find a welcome vegan-friendly offer. On the website all vegan pizzas are listed in an extra category, you get them with delicious vegetable pizza melt (cheese alternative), a personal recommendation is the "Pizza VEGAN Virginia" with barbecue sauce.

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