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Write Google Review - Easily create direct links for Google reviews

Writing a Google review is becoming increasingly popular in the age of the internet. Especially for companies and service providers, it is important that customers have a very good one Google write a review. This is of central importance for the general success of the company as well as for the acquisition of new customers.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon that service providers and products are often only rated in the event of dissatisfaction is well known. But by sending one Google review links It is now very easy for them to rate you directly to your satisfied customers. The evaluating is by one Direct link for Google reviews possible with just two clicks.

In the following text, we will show you step by step how you can easily integrate a link to create a Google rating on your website. With these helpful tips, your rating on Google will quickly improve.

Why is a Google review link on your own site so useful?

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A Google review link is so useful because it makes it much easier for customers to write a review.

Many customers immediately see the overall result of a company's Google reviews, but often they do not even know how to create such a rating. If they know, the awkwardness is often the factor in why no assessment is made. Sometimes customers simply forget that they have the opportunity to give their opinion on a particular product or service.

In order to bypass these hurdles, it is particularly practical if the customers are addressed directly and asked to write a Google review and a link is immediately available in the process. In this way, the customer gets straight to the right page without annoying detours. This so-called Direct link for Google reviews or short Google review link can be created very easily. Incidentally, you can include this link both for the Google rating on the website and, for example, send it by email

Create a Google review link step by step

You want your customers to receive a Submit Google rating can? Then use the option of creating a direct link. The link always consists of two parts. First the predefined and standardized URL from Google and linked to your personal place ID. In three steps you created the link very quickly.

Step 1 to create a review link - search for a company

Call up the Place ID Lookup Tool from Google and put in the field "Enter a location" Your company name. The Place ID Finder can be called up here.

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We'll show you the process by making our own Direct link create.

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Step 2 to create a review link - read out the Place ID

After entering your company name, you will find the search result on the Google Maps map. You will find the Place ID directly under the company name. This is a combination of numbers and letters.

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The Place ID of Metamove GmbH therefore, for example, is ChIJFRsi2ZTfnUcRXWFrRIK0lCc.

3rd step to create a review link - put together a direct link

Now copy the issued Place ID and put it directly at the end of the standardized Google link. The standardized link is:

As shown in the example, it is Direct link for Google reviews of the Metamove GmbH

In order to be found on Google, you need a “Google my business account” and an entry on Google Maps. You can also use the former to find out the Place ID directly.

Learning by doing - create a direct link and write reviews

So you too can benefit from honest and positive customer opinions through a direct link on your page. Because these are actually worth gold and will attract more customers for you as well as increase your seriousness and increase the sales of your products or services. Is the link generated by Google too long and cumbersome for you? No problem with one URL link shortener the review link can be simplified so that it can be accessed more conveniently.

Did you like this report and maybe even help you stand in an even better light on Google? Then use our Metamove direct link to the review portal. Please note that you have to be logged in to Google in order to be able to submit a rating. We look forward to your review.

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