When a Pokemon dies of old age

Pokémon - Can Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Co. age?

Pokémon can evolve, but can they age too? A few clues from the games and the anime provide clues on how to solve this puzzle.

The world of Pokémon regularly offers material for fan theories and room for interpretation. Ash's enduring youthfulness has been at the center of many theories so far. But the age of the Pokemon is also a mystery. The question arises: can Pokémon age at all?

Comic Book has taken on the question and gathered a few indications that speak for it. The common Pokémon fan might initially assume that age is directly related to the evolution of the 'Mons. The developed forms are often portrayed as parental mentors of the undeveloped ones. Evolution would therefore be puberty and the increasing experience points would correspond to age. In the games Diamond and Pearl, Professor Eibe is busy researching the evolution of Pokémon, which proves that it is not that easy.

In addition, Pokémon can refuse to develop, like Ash's Bulbasaur. Of course, there are also Pokémon that can only develop through an external stimulus (e.g. Pikachu can only become Raichu with a thunderstone). In view of this, it no longer seems appropriate to speak of development as aging. So, theoretically, can there be old Bulbasaurs and young Bulbasaurs?

Probably yes. As various resting places in Kanto, Hoenn, and Kalos prove, Pokémon eventually die. If you ask visitors to Lavandia and Co. in the games, they often comment on the long life of their Pokémon, which proves that they eventually died of old age. The Pokédex also sometimes provides information about the life expectancy of some Pokémon. Vulnona, for example, can live up to a thousand years and Schillock's tail changes color the older it gets.

There are also references to the age of the Pokémon in the anime. Tracey's sickle has been portrayed as an older specimen that was driven from its crush after losing a battle for position as leader. His face was also drawn older than that of other Sicklors. In another episode, Ash finds an older Geckarbor who had wrinkles and a crooked back.

What do you think about the aging of Pokémon?