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The principle of DropShipping simply explained

The biggest secret in online trading

How you can sell any product on the Internet without investing a single euro in purchasing, packaging or shipping

Forget everything you ever heard, read and learned about online trading. This system, which originated in the USA, has completely reshuffled the cards in online retail. It is as simple as it is ingenious and can be implemented immediately by anyone without much prior knowledge and, above all, without equity.

It is the recipe for success of the future and will completely revolutionize internet trade in the next few years. For hundreds of online retailers, it's the biggest secret of your success. And for a good reason. Because with this system, the cards in online retail are completely reshuffled. Anyone who wants to start an online shop today and understands the opportunities offered by this unique system can be one of the largest online retailers in their industry in just a few months - without a warehouse, without shipping and without a lot of equity.

This system turns e-commerce completely on its head. It comes from the USA, has proven itself for many years and is now enjoying a real triumphant advance in Germany as well. We are talking about DropShipping, a modern form of online trading, through which committed retailers can offer huge assortments without having to invest a single euro in purchasing goods. We'll show you how.

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The DropShipping system - as simple as it is ingenious

DropShipping means that the online retailer only purchases products from the wholesaler when an end customer has ordered and paid for a corresponding product. Instead of buying and storing large stocks of goods at your own risk, all items on offer remain with the wholesaler until the end customer places an order. Only then does the wholesaler deliver the goods. And not to the online retailer, but directly to the end customer.

And this is precisely why the potential of this system is so huge and enables the creation of any large assortment with hundreds of products without having to buy a single one in advance. You can really sell any product on the internet without keeping it in stock.


Regardless of whether you offer your products for sale on eBay, Amazon, Yatego or in your own online shop, you do not have to invest any money in purchasing goods, packaging or shipping. Each of the products you offer remains in the wholesaler's warehouse until it is successfully sold. Only after your customer has ordered and paid for the goods is it packaged and sent to him by the wholesaler.

And the best thing about it: Your online customers don't even notice, because the wholesaler packs the goods in a completely neutral manner and, if you want, even sends them to the end customer with your delivery note.

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Sell ​​hundreds of products without owning a single one

The DropShipping system is suitable for both beginners in the field of online trading and for established traders who value business management as economically as possible and is associated with numerous advantages that regular online trading can never offer:

  • You can offer hundreds of products without having to buy them beforehand.
  • You can start a huge online shop with very little equity.
  • You can run the business right from home.
  • You do not need any storage space as you do not store any goods yourself.
  • Expensive personnel for packaging and shipping the products are completely eliminated.
  • The corporate structure can be designed to be small and clear.
  • You only take care of marketing & customer care.
  • By mirroring the wholesale ranges, your offer is always up-to-date.
  • The risk of capital being tied up by unsaleable goods is completely excluded.

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576 German wholesalers already offer drop shipping

The fact that over 576 German wholesalers are already connected to the DropShipping system shows how popular DropShipping is now in Germany. And these are not small backyard wholesalers, but some of the best-known specialist wholesalers in a wide variety of industries. Some of these wholesalers employ more than 300 people and supply well over 60,000 retailers throughout Germany. These 576 first-class specialist wholesalers, which have grown over many decades, have a total inventory of over 4.2 million different products.

From these 4.2 million products, you choose exactly the goods that you want to sell yourself on the Internet and then offer them for sale on eBay, Amazon, in price comparison portals or in your own online shop. If one of these products is then sold, an information is sent to the wholesaler. This in turn packs the goods neutrally and sends them directly to your end customer.

You may be wondering now:

  • How can I also use this ingenious system?
  • Which wholesalers and manufacturers offer DropShipping?
  • How does DropShipping work in detail?
  • What kind of products should I offer?

Our exclusive free report "DropShipping - The big secret in online trading" gives you practical instructions for your own use. We explain step by step how DropShipping works and also take critical potentials into account. You will learn how DropShipping models can be agreed with suitable suppliers and what you should definitely pay attention to when choosing DropShipping partners. We will introduce you to some of the best-known wholesalers, who you would probably never have suspected, that they already offer convincing DropShipping structures on the market, and show you how you too can start with DropShipping right away.

Regardless of whether you want to sell monitors, notebooks, textiles, jewelry, costumes, lingerie, watches, cell phones, stationery, gifts, musical instruments or toys. We'll show you how you can find a suitable DropShipping partner and put together your own range from over 4.2 million possible products.

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Our free guide gives you practical instructions on how to use DropShipping yourself. Forget everything you ever heard, read and learned about online trading. This system will completely revolutionize the Internet trade. It is already one of the best-kept secrets of successful online retailers. And for a good reason. Because anyone who starts an online shop today can, thanks to DropShipping, be one of the largest online retailers in their industry in just a few months - without a warehouse, without shipping and without a lot of equity.