How do women manipulate men

The untamed man does not jump when a woman snaps her finger. Not on principle. But if she does it cleverly, he can even stand upside down for her and wiggle his feet. And thinks he wanted it that way.

Feminine manipulation of men is one of the biggest riddles in a relationship. Of course, only women whisperer Charlie Sheen has long since figured this out. While many of his peers are still fidgeting on the silk marionette thread and asking themselves: How did I get back into it ?, he looks reality in the face. In an interview with the playboy declared the star Two and a half men: "Women always know exactly which buttons to press here". After all, it was they who put the men together.

Which brings us to the topic: How does a woman get a man to voluntarily perform a particularly hated task - let's say to assemble an Ikea kitchen? Not at all, answer many discouraged women from experience. Having sex, pragmatic men suggest. Oh, it can be done much more elegantly. It just has to make him feel that there is no more demanding, more important task far and wide than to create something big and unique out of these countless boards and screws. And that he is the chosen one who is up to this challenge. Because as a woman you would be totally overwhelmed by all the individual parts. And then these complicated pictures! Where it is known that women are so difficult to tell left and right apart and have no spatial imagination at all - Klimper!

For a woman in such a situation, the question does not arise: "How am I supposed to do it?" but: "Where can I get someone in a hurry who is stupid enough to think I'm too stupid for that?"

Of course, we can drill boards that are just as thick if we need to. But maybe we just don't have the necessary peace and quiet. Or something better to do. Or ... ahem ... just don't feel like it. And even if it hurts a bit at first to submit to male competence because of it: Better to be underestimated and look a bit dumb than to waste your time with handicrafts. It can really be used more sensibly - by choosing kitchen accessories, for example.