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Communication from the city of Aschaffenburg dated May 17, 2020

From Tuesday, May 18, 2021, face-to-face classes will take place again. For our school this means: alternating lessons!

KM letter dated May 5, 2021

Offer "study rooms" from the catacomb

Information on the "learning rooms" (homeschooling) offer and the registration sheet for this can be found in the following download.

Registration project learning rooms Katakombe.pd
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Dates for the rest of the school year

Prize for our schoolofficers

The Teachers' office hours can be found here and the Members of the parents' councilhere!

Parents letter from the school administration dated September 17th

Dear parents, dear students in all-day classes and regular classes

we are happy to inform you that from Monday, 09/21/2020 again lesson scheduled can take place.

There are also afternoon classes and physical education classes.

We can also start all-day operations and lunch in the cafeteria again.

However, the hygiene measures still have to be observed.

Most important Corona rules on the school grounds:

· Mask requirement prevails for everyone, everywhere on the entire school premises! Mouth and nose must be covered!

· Each child must bring their own mask and a spare mask.

· The Distance rules and the Hygiene rules!!!

Warning: it still finds no break sales instead of! Please give your child enough food and drink to take with them to school.

Canteen menu for the week from December 14th to December 17th:

Beef meatball with carrots, boiled potatoes and gravy

Rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar with cherry compote

Delivered by: Streitenberger Catering GmbH (Hösbach)

Farewell to 9th grade: here

Graduation ceremony and handover of certificates

On Friday, July 24th, our 9th grade students said goodbye in our gym. Because of Corona, this event had to take place with conditions in a new framework, which in retrospect has proven to be very useful.

First of all, our rector Ms. Adler welcomed the students and guests. In her opening speech, she urged school leavers to work towards their goals with concentration and perseverance. Ms. Kistler, the class leader at 9aG, came next to the lectern. At the beginning of her speech, she played the song "Unique" and then listed characteristics of each and every one of her class that made her students unique. Mr. Difour, the class teacher at 9b, then thanked each and every one of them in his speech for something that he remembered positively. In their speeches, the two class teachers emphasized the diligence and willingness of the students to prepare well for the exams after the corona lockdown. This is the only way to achieve the very good results overall. The round of speeches then ended with the students Feyza, Katarina, Mert and Nabil. They thanked their class teachers for the work they had done and the great commitment with which they had been prepared for the qualification by Ms. Kistler and Mr. Difour.

Finally the time had come when Ms. Adler, Ms. Kistler and Mr. Difour handed over the certificates to the students. Ms. Kistler had also put together a photo album with pictures from the last school years for her pupils, which she handed over to them after the certificates were handed over. Viktoryia from class 9aG created the musical framework for this event with several pieces on the piano. She deservedly received a lot of applause for her great presentations. All in all, given the difficult conditions, this was an all-round successful event, which was very well prepared and designed by the class teachers of the two 9th grades.

At the very end - with a mask - class photos were taken in the playground. Finally, some students let several balloons rise and then it was over. Even if some program items from the earlier farewells, such as a cozy get-together or a buffet, fell by the wayside due to corona, the move to the gym was a successful thing. Carrying out the farewell here should certainly be a good alternative to the cafeteria for future events of this kind.

More pictures: here!

The new flyer from our school

Dalberg Middle School Flyer.pdf
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Idea and implementation: Baierl-Zachrau + Will

Reading competition: district decision

On Thursday, February 13th, 2020, after weeks of waiting, the time had finally come. The day on which the best reader of the schools in the city of Aschaffenburg should be determined. The school winner Ariana from class 6a represented the Dalberg Middle School in this competition with her book “My Lotta Life - Everything Full of Rabbits”.

Together with nine other school winners from different types of schools, she was allowed to compete in the reading competition in the city and district decision of the readers in the StoryStage fairy tale theater in Aschaffenburg.

The ten best readers of grade 6 sat excitedly in the first row of the fairy tale theater and waited eagerly for their performance. The students all read well, with almost no errors and emphasized in the right places.

In the end, Ariana came in sixth. All participants received a small gift as recognition.

In addition, Ariana's performance and participation in the district decision was recognized at the student assembly on March 2nd, 2020.

Text + image: Dauber

Our traditional carnival party took place on Wednesday, February 12th. First, it was the turn of grades 5 to 7. From 2:30 p.m., anyone who wanted to could dance to current hits in the multi-purpose room. Many of our students had dressed up, so that Ms. Kießling had a good selection of great costumes at the costume award ceremony. In the second round from 5:30 p.m. it was a little more relaxed and clear, as only the 8th and 9th grades were present in the evening this school year. Ms. Makowsky and Ms. Kistler again provided food and drink. The student representatives and other students helped diligently with the organization and implementation. The teaching team supervised the entire event so that everything went smoothly and peacefully. Mainly responsible for this successful action were Mr. Difour and Mr. Friedel from the student organization team.Pictures: Will + TremelMore pictures: here!

Participation in the MINT symposium

On Tuesday, February 11th, 2020, the MINT symposium took place at TH Aschaffenburg. Eight pupils from the two 9th grades of the Dalberg-Mittelschule Aschaffenburg and the class teacher of grade 9aG, Franziska Kistler, were allowed to take part. After a greeting from Prof. Dr. Beck-Meuth, the participants were divided into groups and were able to get a taste of various workshops throughout the morning. For the Dalberg-Mittelschule the topics were production automation, automated driving and thermography - making heat visible. The students had a lot of fun trying out, programming and discovering and learned a lot of new and interesting things.

After the workshop round there was a lunch break, during which there was the opportunity to eat and drink. In addition, you could find out more about STEM topics and professions in the market for opportunities from various exhibitors. A wide variety of companies or the career advice service of the Employment Agency introduced themselves and were available to answer questions.

After the break came the highlight of the event. Miss Dr. Insa Thiele-Eich, one of the first two German astronauts, visited the TH Aschaffenburg and gave an extremely entertaining and interesting lecture. Very close to her pupils and vividly, she told the participants about her career and explained how she managed to become one of the two women who will probably fly to the space station next year. Afterwards, the students were allowed to use their smartphones to ask questions that Ms. Thiele-Eich answered. At the end there was the opportunity to take a souvenir photo together with the astronaut.

The students had a lot of fun that day and learned a lot of new things. A great experience that you will surely remember fondly. Text + pictures: Kistler

As part of their German lessons, the two fifth grades of Dalberg-Mittelschule visited the Aschaffenburg City Library on Tuesday, February 11th and Thursday, February 13th, and were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of literature and learn more about motivating offers. Ms. Glaser, the library employee gave you numerous insights. The girls and boys should get to know the premises and the offers in a playful way. First of all, the pupils found out which books and other media are available in the large library. Subsequently, they were introduced to the library's guidance system, in which they learned what the different colors and signatures on the spine of the book mean and how they can find non-fiction books or the like with the help of a computer. To check whether all the students were paying attention, Ms. Glaser had prepared questionnaires for the two classes to help them find novels and non-fiction books. In addition, the pupils were allowed to receive their library card. After the theoretical part, the young people had the time to take a closer look around the library, to independently inquire about the offers, to rummage through books and to choose a book to read at home and then borrow it. The aim of this offer is to educate adolescents to become media-competent and inquisitive people and to convey to them the joy of reading. Furthermore, this laid a basis for obtaining information for presentations, in which the students can now use the library as a further source of information. Text + pictures: Dauber

Reading campaign in cooperation with the Dalberg elementary school

Great reading for little ones

Reading can be an exciting, enjoyable and at the same time experience-intensive activity. "Anyone who knows how to read has the key to great deeds and unimaginable opportunities." (Aldous Huxley) With the reading project "Great reading for little ones", which will take place in the 2019/2020 school year between Dalberg-Mittelschule and Dalberg-Grundschule, such a positive contribution to reading is created. Every two weeks on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, sixth / seventh / eighth and ninth graders read aloud from children's books selected together for the youngest at Dalberg Elementary School. At the same time, the little ones are also motivated to present the reading skills they have already learned to the older ones. And so the actual reader becomes the listener. In addition to reading / listening together, social learning is another elementary aspect. Superficially it is about the personal assumption of responsibility, the role model function as well as common cooperative processes. For example, when making “bookmark monsters” last month. This form of cooperation is profitable for both middle school students and the “young listeners” and a welcome change in the school day. Text + pictures: Dauber