How do I get customers for the website

Win customers on the Internet: This is how your website automates the acquisition of new customers

How do you win your customers? Do you rely on word of mouth? In advertising in newspapers or with brochures? On sales letters? On telephone marketing? A chance hit on your homepage?

All good ways to get customers, I won't talk you out of that. Especially since it is always a good idea to base your acquisition of new customers on many pillars.

If you are serious about it, however, you will be building up your internet marketing in the short term. Because there is no form of new customer acquisition that works as comfortably for you as customer acquisition on the Internet.

On the Internet, you turn customer acquisition around: You can be found

Many have already promised you that you will soon be winning customers on the Internet. Your web agency probably spoke of it before your current homepage went online. And then - well, not much happened, right?

You are like many. Because winning customers on the Internet requires more than a beautiful homepage.

In all honesty, you don't even need a nice homepage. You can even successfully acquire customers on the Internet by clicking together a homepage yourself with some website builder.

You don't need an online shop either. Many people think that you can only win customers with an online shop on the Internet, but that's not true, forget it.

All you need: You need to follow the 4 steps that you are about to learn here. So that you can be found by your customers in the future instead of having to laboriously search for them yourself.

Why should winning new customers on the Internet work for you, of all people?

The fact is, the internet is full of customers, including you. Even if you occupy a completely exotic B-to-B industry - your customers are active on the Internet. If you're selling privately, then anyway.

No matter what your business is, even if you run a local store - your target group is on the internet. And what's the very best: Many of them are currently actively searching. For example, according to your product or service.

Now just have to you being found. This is the first, rather simple part of the complete online customer acquisition system.

Most of them stop there.

And that is the crucial mistake.

Why is it not enough for customers to find you on the Internet?

Do you know why word of mouth is so successful? Because the person who recommends you makes himself strong for you with his recommendation. And that's why you think carefully before making a recommendation. Nobody wants to make a fool of themselves in front of acquaintances or friends because they have recommended a craftsman, architect, dentist or hairdresser who is not so convincing after all.

The new customer who comes on the basis of a personal recommendation has good reason to trust you. And no business without trust.

It's even more extreme on the Internet. Without trust, nothing works here.

So don't expect the potential customer who has just found your homepage to buy something from you right away or to call you to make an appointment.

Worse still, they are likely to leave your website more or less quickly. And the likelihood that he will ever return is pretty slim.

Use the very first contact for customer loyalty

If most internet visitors come to your website only once and then probably disappear forever, you have only one chance: you have to save this fleeting contact for the future.

But how? You don't even know who is on your website right now.

There is a simple trick. Nothing new, it's simple psychology that was used hundreds of years ago by skilled salespeople: First you give away something that is attractive to your visitor.

Because everyone is interested in a gift.

Whereby: I'm not talking about a real gift here. Because in return you also get something: the email address of your visitor.

And this gives you the chance to build trust with them even after they have long since left your homepage.

You have nothing to give away?

I do think you have something to give away. Even if you only have medical devices from four-digit amounts in your range. Or build houses for six-figure sums.

Then simply give away information that is valuable for your target group:

"10 Ways to Make Your Medical Office More Profitable." If Your Medical Device Target Audience Are Doctors.

“5 mistakes you shouldn't make when trimming hedge.” If you offer horticulture or a nursery.

“How to avoid the 7 most important mistakes when building a house.” If you are an architect or sell system houses.

Just three examples. If you leave your email address, you will immediately receive your PDF with the desired information in return. Completely automatically, there is software that takes care of that.

By the way, your gifts can also be product samples. For example, if you run an ice cream parlor or a pizzeria, offer a voucher. Of course, only against an email address.

I am sure that you too will come up with a good present for your website visitors.

Winning customers on the Internet is a process that now runs automatically

What's next? Your newly acquired contacts will now be regularly supplied with interesting e-mails. A little more often at the beginning, maybe the person is very close to making a purchase decision. Later you send your information a little less often.

All you want to do with your e-mails is to be remembered by providing your potential customers with interesting, valuable information from time to time. You definitely don't want to be annoying or annoying. Because then your contact will be removed from your distribution list in no time at all. He will then no longer be a customer.

In between, you can of course also apply for a specific offer.

In a nutshell: This is how you win customers online

That's all? Generally, yes. Everything else is then detail optimization.

Here is the list that you have to tick off if you want to successfully win customers on the Internet in the future:

  1. You need a website with content that is interesting for the customers you want. Optimized for the search terms that your desired customers use.
  2. To get the email address of first-time visitors to your homepage, offer an attractive gift on the website.
  3. From then on, your prospective customers will regularly provide you with further interesting information by e-mail. And now and then with a specific offer.
  4. They let the entire process run largely automatically and are happy that more and more customers are finding their way to you on their own initiative.

You have to bring a little patience with you to win customers on the Internet. This is because building trust takes time. So it may well be that nothing happens during the first few months.

Even so, it is best to start implementing the tips described today. Because only if you start to build trust now will you automatically win customers on the Internet in the future.