What is business for consumer electronic commerce


The central components of electronic business are information, communication and transaction. Economic partners handle business processes via digital networks (i.e. public or private communication networks), using innovative information and communication technologies to support and increase efficiency.

Three core areas are of particular importance for electronic business:

E-procurement: The electronic procurement of products and services by companies with a focus on reducing costs and effort.

E-shops: The electronic sale of products and services via appropriate platforms - for example via online shops.

E-Marketplace: Electronic commerce via digital networks as a link between buyers and providers of products and services.

In addition, there are two other areas of e-business:

E-community: Electronic contact networks between people and institutions that support the exchange of data and knowledge as well as prepare transaction-relevant decisions.

E-Company: Electronic company cooperation to link individual company services. The aim is to create a virtual company with a joint transaction offer.