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Entry into the master's degree in statistics with a bachelor's degree other than mathematics or statistics

If you have a bachelor's degree in a statistical-methodological course, you can study the master's course in statistics at Otto von Guericke University. In addition to mathematical and statistical courses, these include subjects such as economics and business administration, psychology, computer science, sociology and physics. It may also be possible to start with a bachelor's degree in a subject other than those mentioned. If you have any questions, please contact the academic advisor.


Which conditions do I have to fullfill?

The formal admission requirements for entry into the Master's Statistics with a Bachelor's degree outside of mathematical or statistical courses can be found in the Study and Examination Regulations (§ 4). In this case, advice from the academic advisor is required before enrollment, which can also be done by telephone.

The completed degree must contain at least 25 CP in Fundamentals of Mathematics and at least 15 CP in Fundamentals of Probability Theory and Statistics. If no more than 30 CP are missing out of these 40 CPs in the application, admission can be granted subject to conditions that have to be fulfilled by the registration of the bachelor thesis. Until the requirements have been met, enrollment is subject to change.

Examples of events that can be credited in the area of ​​fundamentals of mathematics are lectures with titles such as "Mathematics for ..." (e.g. economics, business administration, computer science, physics, engineers, etc.) or "Mathematical methods", in which basic knowledge of analysis (including sequences, series, differential and integral calculus) and linear algebra (including linear systems of equations, matrix calculation). In the area of ​​fundamentals of probability theory and statistics, courses that can be credited have titles such as "Statistics for ..." (e.g. economics, business administration, psychology, etc.) or "Statistical modeling".


Requirements and bridging courses

The individual requirements for admission to the Master’s degree in Statistics will be discussed with the academic advisor during a consultation. This consultation can also take place over the phone.

Currently, if you have a bachelor’s degree outside of mathematics or statistics, the following conditions are usually issued: successful attendance of the lecture “Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics” from the bachelor’s degree in mathematics, the course “Bridge Module Linear Algebra”, which is specially designed to prepare for the Master’s Statistics was developed, as well as the event "Mathematics 2 for Computer Science".

Even if a lot of the content of the lecture "Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics" already appeared in the bachelor's degree, attending this course is usually necessary and sensible, as the topics are dealt with with the rigor and accuracy customary in mathematics and the results are also proven become. The "Bridging Module Linear Algebra" is tailored to the needs of students who do not come from a mathematical or statistical degree. In addition to basic proof techniques, selected content from the field of linear algebra, which is particularly relevant for statistics, is dealt with here. Using examples, it is shown where this content is needed in the statistics. The event "Mathematics 2 for Computer Science" deals with topics of analysis. It conveys knowledge that is required as indispensable tools in statistics.

The courses “Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics” and “Bridging Module Linear Algebra” are offered in the winter semester. It is possible to take "Mathematics 2 for Computer Science" in the summer semester.


Start of studies

In principle, you can enroll in the Statistics Master’s course at the beginning of every summer and every winter semester. If there are additional requirements, please note that the courses in the areas of theory and methodology build on the bridging courses, two of which are only offered in the winter semester.


Information event for the start of studies

At the beginning of the course at the beginning of the lecture period, usually on the Monday of the first week of lectures, there is a mandatory information event for the new students in the master’s degree in Statistics. There you will find a lot of useful information about the Master’s degree in Statistics and studying at the Faculty of Mathematics.