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Is there any evidence that the Democratic Party is defending illegal immigration? [closed]

Yes. There is much. Not just in statements made by democratic officials, but also in actual laws passed by them.

For example, there is the California Values ​​Act. Not only is this bill "not doing ICE's job for them," as some have suggested, but is deliberately not working with, and even deliberately preventing, ICE from performing their duties, including for illegal immigrants in California who did so because of Arrested for committing a crime other than illegal entry.

For example, the law seeks to prevent ICE from arresting and deporting illegal aliens involved in drug crimes. From the Legislative Report of Legislative Law:

Applicable law requires the arresting authority to notify the United States authority responsible for deportation matters if there is reason to believe that a person arrested for violating certain controlled substances regulations may not Is a citizen of the United States.

This bill would repeal these provisions.

The intent stated here is clearly to make it difficult for ICE to arrest and remove illegal aliens arrested for drug crimes in California.

Additionally, the bill instructs the California attorney general to develop model guidelines for California communities to minimize collaboration with ICE. Again from the Legislative Report of Legislative Law:

The bill provides that the Attorney General by October 1, 2018, in consultation with the relevant interest groups, model guidelines published which limit as much as possible assistance with the enforcement of immigration regulations to keep them from public schools, public libraries and health facilities that are operated by the EU can be used by the state or a political division of the state and Courthouse among others .

(Emphasis mine)

Furthermore, these are not just recommendations. Quoting the same source:

The bill would including all public schools, health facilities operated by the state or a political subdivision of the state and Require court buildings to implement the model policy or an equivalent policy.

(Emphasis mine)

In the event that it is not enough to force state and local authorities to impede the enforcement of federal immigration policy, the bill also encourages non-governmental organizations to do so. Again from the Legislative Report of Legislative Law:

The bill states, among other things, that all other organizations and institutions that provide services related to physical or mental health and wellbeing, education, or access to justice, including the University of California, will be encouraged to adopt the model policy.

And in case all of this is not clear enough, it is specifically pointed out:

The bill would require the Attorney General to publish guidelines, review criteria and training recommendations regarding state and local law enforcement databases, about the availability of information for enforcement of immigration regulations as stated to restrict .

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