Is Ikea food good

Still unclear, IKEA comes to Bottroper Strasse

Decision only in one or two years

The furniture manufacturer IKEA is in a state of upheaval. A new strategy is being worked on, said a spokeswoman. However, it could take a year or two before it is clear how IKEA wants to sell furniture in the future. Furniture stores are still well attended, but online trading is playing an increasingly important role. That is why such a large investment as a new furniture store must be very well thought out. IKEA is trying out a lot of new things, especially in Berlin, and wants to concentrate fully on them. A decision on the new location in Essen is therefore not to be expected for the time being. The site on Bottroper Strasse belongs to the group. The Thelen Group is currently preparing the site for the new building.

Essen 51 is a new district

With or without IKEA, the Thelen Group is planning and building on the site. A lot of earth is currently being moved and everything is being prepared for new houses to live and work in. This includes new sewer pipes, power cables and much more that still needs to be buried. The Thelen Group is also currently working with the city on a new development plan for the site. The developer expects the first residential buildings to be built on the site at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

Rebuilding Bottroper Stra├če: That's the plan

Bottroper Strasse is also being rebuilt for Essen 51. The city rents and supervises the work. In response to a request from Radio Essen, she explained the construction status in September 2019. In the direction of the city center, the sidewalk and cycle path have been completed - with the exception of the areas between Helenenstrasse and Berthold-Beitz-Boulevard and on Friedrich-Lange-Strasse. The missing work should be finished in October. The roadway will then be finally made in the autumn holidays. After that, work can begin on the opposite side in the direction of Bottrop. The asphalt work should start in the Easter holidays.