How can I be tall and thin

The main thing is slim


It's such a thing with the body feeling: Who is satisfied with themselves and their figure? And, realistically, many actually weigh too many pounds. "What's the problem?" Ask the doctors. From a medical point of view, a little too much is much healthier than too little.


That's not particularly comforting, do you think? You feel the same way as many. Women in particular often have a real cult around their bodies and are always overly concerned about their figure. Today's successful people have to look dynamic. Above all, this means a slim and sporty figure. This is a social one dogma, a rigid posture or attitude. Little is trusted in Dicken, both professionally and privately. The 20-year-old Alexandra has this dogma subject. She practices aerobics and bodybuilding in a gym until she is completely exhausted, almost every day of the week. What does she definitely not want to look like?


"Flabby, yes, that I had a big belly or a saggy buttock - that’s the way it is. I would like to be 1.75. And maybe I would underline the whole thing. If I don't train, that's just like one Withdrawal symptomso that I'm sitting at home. Then, as I said, I have a week when you eat a bar, a bar. And then you think, somehow, you have a certain complex, ouch, there can be another grapple or something that you have trained so hard before. Yes, and then you want to go to training again and then get something off the problem areas. I already have a bit of one there too throw away. So my friend always says: "You are totally crazy, everything is nice and tight." But I already notice that if I haven't gone for a week and then ate something sweet a little more often, then I just notice that the complexion is a little less tight and firm, no, and so smooth and even . "


Always being slim and athletic can become an addiction. Those who are affected get - like those who are addicts in the medical sense, i.e. those who are dependent on drugs or alcohol - exercise without the drug Withdrawal symptoms. With Alexandra, they really do slim and slimis very thin, a large chocolate bar is enough. Then she frantically grabs the gym bag and starts the next attack on the supposed problem areas of the hips or stomach, so nothing wobbles, so wiggles back and forth when walking. Your boyfriend thinks she has one throw away and means by that that your slim pursuit has already taken on crazy traits.


Right next to Alexandra, Werner swings the dumbbells with clenched teeth. He's only been there for a week and a half and has contracted muscle inflammation from five hours of bodybuilding a day. Werner has very precise ideas of what a dream woman should look like:


"Slim, well built. Yes, it should have a great figure. It should already have a firm bottom, slim waist. That's actually it, normal. "


Only a few people have come to realize that a body, as it is, is harmonious. The term "well built"suggests that people believe that a body can be constructed like an architect can construct a house. Like many others, Gudrun believed for a long time that the way it looked was not right. She still does not find herself beautiful today, but losing weight is now finally over.


"The diets quite often lead to that Jojo effectthat you lose weight first and then gain weight again and weigh more than before. I do believe that I could do it all over again, lose a lot in a relatively short time. But what about after that? How am I supposed to live then? Then what did I do to my body again? What I am concerned with is the question of how do we deal with people in our society who are not one standard that do not look like a poster, as adverts and films and in so many places show us how we should look. And a lot of people don't look like that at all. "


The word "standard"is often used in conversations about thick and thin. Just as if there were a higher authority that stipulates what is beautiful and what is not beautiful. The term"standard"is always used when it comes to setting a standard. Who is not standard is different from the average. In order to belong to the normal, i.e. slim people, many fat people stumble from one diet to the next. Losing weight once is not enough, as was the case with Gudrun, because then the so-called usually occurs Jojo effect a. A yo-yo is a children's toy, a kind of disc that can be let up and down on a string. A nice comparison, because with a diet the weight first goes down and then often rises again with momentum.


"Well, normally I like to tell others how much I weigh, how tall I am, what size I wear. But I've come to the point in the meantime: I don't want to just say that, that opens a drawer. I started to deal with eating disorders from a psychological level, where the whole thing still had a lot to do with personal experience and with, for example, just personal Protective layerthat fat may have for some people, and I've come to look more and more: And what happens on this level of society that everyone thinks they have to be thin? I would like to see as many people as possible realize that we are different and that it is an enrichment that we are different. And that you don't always have to standardize everything. "


So: if you are fat, you will not fit into it standard from beautiful, slim people, will be sorted out immediately, says Gudrun - and lands in the drawer for the fat and undisciplined. The formulation "that opens a drawer"refers precisely to this process of categorization. So how you screw into one drawer and puts nails into the other, there is also a special subject for fat people in our society. If you want to persist against it, you need one Protective layer. Just as leather is treated with fat against moisture, many thick people perceive their fat layer as a kind of defensive belt against external attacks. This is how you want to protect yourself against emotional injuries.


Criticism of fat people often arises from the critic's fear of getting fat one day, of not being able to keep himself under control. Because that is exactly what the fat people assume. Not being able to control yourself, being undisciplined. Psychologists find this explanation too easy. Often, being overweight is preceded by a series of emotional injuries. The big belly is the symptom, the reason is much deeper, says the therapist Dorothee Wienand-Kranz, who also reports from her own experience.

Dorothee Wienand-Kranz:

"I'm not willowy, at all I do not correspond to any standard, Figure standard. Most of the time I don't care because I'm just happy with myself or with what surrounds me. But if I have one of those Slack then it just happens to me that I stand in front of the mirror and think 'mmhmmh'. This is one of those strand. The other strand is that I know that certain things are still in my body from old injuries that I have somehow not yet been able to heal. I don't know what the injuries are, but I can even see it on my own body, just as I can perceive it more quickly on other bodies that something is not there yet is in balance or that a certain tension is not there or a certain energy balance is not there. I see it and it affects me in another way. "


A Lot is the Middle High German word for lead or lump of lead. With a Lot, which is lowered on a string, was previously used on construction sites to determine the vertical. Something that comes from the Lot is advised, has left its original direction, deviates from its original purpose. Usually Ms. Wienand-Kranz is happy with herself, even if she is not slim as a whip, is a thin stick. But if the therapist has one Slack if she is sad, then she actually loses her good feeling for her own body.


These emotional injuries, which the psychotherapist speaks of, exist in most people. But only in a few are they so strong that the food becomes crutch will, so should give a hold. The food then loses its original function. This is exactly what happened to Lieselotte, who has already lost and gained many pounds in her life. In the meantime she goes to the "Overeaters Anonymos", the anonymous food addicts "OA", a self-help group similar to Alcoholics Anonymous.


"The food is mine drug. The food is yes, it lurks in some corner, even today, when I'm afraid, when I'm excited. So I've lost almost three hundred pounds in the course of my career as an addict. I've been addicted to food since I was five years old and I'm turning 65. And yes, I haven't been on a single diet since I've known "OA". And slowly I'm learning, slowly I'm also learning to accept myself for who I am. And I think I'll never be a thin woman, although my head is still often haunted. But I, yes, I think God didn't want me to be so thin. "


Lieselotte is certainly a special case because it is a mental disorder. But she too emulated an ideal figure all her life. With this ambition, gyms and weight loss consultancies are making millions. They sell exercise bikes that will eventually gather dust in the bedroom as a coat rack, fat-free chocolate powder that doesn't even taste like chocolate anymore, or just the hope of a lean future. Like "Weight Watchers" for example, a worldwide company that wants to support fat people with diet products and group sessions, including Birgit from Cologne.


"So I've gained a lot. And I have to say that this is actually the maximum weight in my life. / How much do you weigh now? / 135 kilos. And my environment no longer agrees with it. So far, I've been able to do that conceal, I could somehow cover up and somewhere so yes under coverto let. I don't find myself unattractive to myself at all. But it was about the aspect of standing in front of the mirror. You go into a world in which you are alone. You stand alone in front of the mirror, you have no comparison. You're not always in the crowd. You also try later after a certain gain, after a certain weight you try to close yourself off, you get out of the crowd. You don't want to be confronted with constantly slim people. That has always been associated with a sadness. To be sad that I am fat, to notice that I am already different from others, namely no longer to this prescribed one standard to belong to to be slim. So it is so that we see ourselves as a fringe group somewhere, because we just don't have the majority, majority or what I know, don't weighty are enough. Still don't stop, yes. "


"To leave something under cover"means to hide it. Birgit actually prefers to hide her weight under wide robes, covered up, so she also likes to hide it by trying to fool herself and others into thinking she is slim. With the verb"conceal", from French" cacher ", meaning to hide, describes the same process of concealment. Whether someone weighty is not necessarily related to his weight on the scales. Weight is another word for importance, probably from the time when socially insignificant people could not buy enough to eat. The rich, on the other hand, had enough money for real and social weight. Today the waist size is no longer a guarantee of economic reputation - on the contrary. Those who have their offices on the upper floors of the company - i.e. where the executives sit - must above all look disciplined and sporty. Again and again there are reports, especially from the USA, that fat people have sued their employers because they were unable to rise to the management level. They report to the companies Discrimination, that is, disadvantage. Uwe Jensen has had similar experiences. For years he worked for a large, international food company as a sales manager.

Uwe Jensen:

"You have to look wiry, young, dynamic. You certainly can't be fat. And when it comes to the outside, dynamic is slim and young. I think number one has certain behavioral patterns on the upper floors that prevail Sometimes I have the feeling that many of these supermanagers actually play golf, although they are not really convinced about golf. I dare to suggest that I would not get a marketing manager job in a company with 300 million today I personally too Baroque."


If people are not really fat, but just a little overweight, they will find many names to describe their body size. The adjectives sound quite negative plump or chubby. The latter is derived from the dog breed pug. More benevolent people refer to themselves as chubby or, like Uwe Jensen, as Baroque, a term that is supposed to be reminiscent of the Baroque era in the 17th century, when fat people were still beautiful.

Questions about the text

Someone, who slim and slim is is …

1. very thick.

2. very thin.

3. Obese.

If you are different from the average, ...

1. one does not conform to the norm.

2. you are normal.

3. one conforms to the norm.

Who something concealed, …

1. shows something very openly.

2. tries to hide something.

3. Likes to eat chocolate.

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