What are some interesting facts about Algeria

Who are we playing against? 23 facts about our opponent Algeria

The football motto of the evening: "The winner takes it all ..."

Leaving? Against Algeria? No way! While the fans at home are already planning the quarter-final parties, Joachim Löw forbids his World Cup players to look beyond the first knockout round.

“These games have a special magic and tension. There is a lot at stake for us too. The motto is concentration and focus, ”said the national coach. “I am absolutely relaxed, focused and concentrated. I have a very good feeling about it. We can go into the game with confidence, ”emphasized Löw on Sunday at the Porto Alegre venue.

Who are Jogi's boys playing against? BILD explains today's opponent in 23 facts.


► The former French colony is the largest territorial state in Africa. With 2.4 million square kilometers, the North African country is almost seven times the size of Germany and eight times the size of Poland.

► Capital: Algiers

► The land area of Algeria consists of 85 percent desert.

39 million People live in the country.

► An Algerian woman gets on average 1.86 children.

► One in four can neither read still write.

► The Unemployment rate is approx. 9.8 percent (2013).

► The Youth unemployment is included 24.8 percent (2013).

Main trading partner are France, China, Italy, USA, Spain.

► Export goods are above all Petroleum and gas.

► There will be Arabic, French and Berber languages spoken.

► Almost three million Telephone connections and just under two million Mobile phones are registered.

► The vast majority of the population are Muslim 97.5% (Sunnis). Catholics 0.01% (3 000), Protestants 0.1% and Jews 0,1% make up the rest.

► Islam is State religion since 1976, the president must be a Muslim.

►Famous People Born in Algeria: Writers Albert Camus, Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, philosopher Jacques Derrida and singers Cheb Khaled.


► In agriculture, mainly Cereals, olives, citrus fruits and Dates cultivated.

► The Algerian cuisine is a potpourri of Italian, Spanish, French, Oriental and North African cuisine due to many external influences. Olives, dates, baguettes, honey / almond / nut biscuits are as typical as Couscous dishes.


► At the turn of the century, the conquered French people the Sahara, Algeria became one colony. The population was divided into first and second class citizens, French citizens and non-French citizens.

► To the upswing of independence movement it came when tens of thousands of Algerians were massacred by the French army in 1945. The Algerian War from 1954 to 1962 both sides led with extreme rigor. In 1962 the Algerian people fought for independence.


► Algeria has 2090 Football clubs (for comparison: Germany has around 26,800).

► A total of 1,790,200 Soccer player there are (Germany: around 16,309,000), of which registered: 203,900 (Germany: around 6,309,000).

► Previous World Cup participation: 3 (Germany: 17).

► Two games, two defeats: Even if they did German national team the clear favorite in the World Cup round of 16 against Algeria - the Balance sheet speaks against the team of national coach Joachim Loew. There were defeats in both 1964 and 1982. The only gate against the North Africans scored at 1: 2 32 years ago Karl-Heinz Rummenigge ...