Are video games allowed in Islam

Some games and what is allowed and what is forbidden

Praise be to Allah ..

Games are divided into two types:

First, games that help to struggle in the path of Allah, whether it is with the hand or the tongue, such as swimming, archery, horse riding and games that promote skills and Islamic knowledge, etc. These games are desirable (mustahabb) and the player is rewarded for having good intentions, such as supporting religion. He - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - said: "Shoot, children 'Adnans, for your father was an archer!" Here everything that is like archery is derived as an analogy.

Second: games that don't help. These are divided into two types:

1. Games that are forbidden in the text of the tradition, such as dice games, as it was handed down in the question. So the Muslim should stay away from them.

2. Games that were neither prohibited nor permitted by the text of the tradition. And there are types of it:

a) Games that contain the forbidden, such as games in which there are statues or pictures of things that have a soul, or in which there is music. Or games that cause people to argue, argue, say inappropriate words and commit deeds. All of this is within the forbidden things as they are accompanied by and a means of haram things. And if something is largely a means of doing what is forbidden, then one has to abandon it.

b) Games that do not contain anything prohibited and, for the most part, do not lead to it. As is usually the case with games such as football, volleyball, table tennis etc. These are allowed under the following conditions:

First condition: you have to be free from gambling, which means betting about the players.

Second condition: You must not prevent the compulsory remembrance of Allah and prayer or any compulsory act of worship, such as treating parents well.

Third condition: It must not take up a lot of the player's time, let alone all his time, that one is known to the people with it or that it is his profession. Because it is feared that the following statement of Allah - the mighty and mighty - will be true: "" Those who have made their religion the object of diversion and play and who make this worldly life noise. “[Al-A'raf: 51].

And for the latter condition, there is no specific extent, but it is left to the habit of Muslims. What they consider to be a lot is forbidden. You can also set a time to play up to the time you devote yourself to serious pursuits. If that time takes half, a third or a quarter, then it is a lot.

And Allah knows best.