Do squats actually make you run faster

Squats: You should definitely avoid these mistakes when doing squats

Squats (squats) are the secret weapon when it comes to firm buttocks and tight thighs. The simple exercise is super effective and even couch potatoes and training beginners can do it without any problems.

So that you can see your first successes as quickly as possible and at the same time not damage your knees and back, you should absolutely avoid these five mistakes. They happen quite often when squatting. Pay attention to it during your next training session!

Mistake # 1: The bottom isn't pushed back

When you do a correctly executed squat, you bend your knees as if you were trying to sit on a chair. The buttocks are stretched backwards really nicely. Looks weird, but it brings a lot and is good for your back. It is best to observe yourself in the mirror and correct your posture.

By the way, squats look a little different for everyone because our bodies have very different proportions. Some of us have long legs and others shorter ones, which alone makes them look different from each other.

Mistake # 2: The upper body does not stay upright

Another mistake that is often made when coming down: the back is bent. Make sure your back stays straight. This is easier if you pull in your stomach firmly and push out your chest.
Tip: Extend your arms forward to keep your back straight.

Mistake # 3: The weight is on your knees, not your heels

If you push your bottom back and keep your upper body upright, the weight is automatically on your heels. That's where it should be if you don't want to have problems with your knees. However, one sees again and again that athletes put their weight on their knees when squatting. Check yourselves carefully and make sure to take the strain off your knees.

Mistake # 4: You don't go deep enough

If you haven't done any sport for a long time, it's okay if you slowly approach the exercise. As soon as you get the hang of it, you should get really deep. Try to lower your bottom to knee height. Rather do fewer reps and get deep than come down a few inches and do more reps. This is the only way to optimally train the bottom!

Mistake # 5: You don't vary the workout

If you do squats regularly, you will soon notice that you are getting better. So that you can see your first successes quickly, you should definitely not leave the training the same every time. You have to increase and vary the practice. That means, do not always do 3 sets of 20 repetitions, but increase yourself to 30. Take a kettlebell or dumbbells between your hands to make the exercise more difficult or not just come down, but make three small up and down movements at the lowest point, before you come up.

This is how it works: Jumping squats to participate

Detlef D! Soost explains the so-called jumping squats to you in the video. The exercise ensures firm legs and a firm bottom. Do the squat as usual, but jump high in the air as you come up before you land softly in the squat.

Video by Jane Schmitt

More squat variations:

Squats with barbells:
Do the squat as usual, but take a barbell between your hands and raise your arms over your head while squatting or place the barbell on the back of your shoulders.

Squat with kick:
Do the squat as usual. After coming up, you alternately kick your right and left leg forward or to the side.

One-legged squat:
The one-legged squat requires some balance. Firmly tense your stomach and bottom, shift your weight to your right leg, stretch your left leg straight forward and then get deep into the squat.

Squats: When do you see success?

The squats are really worth it! Anyone who has already taken part in a workout challenge can probably confirm that the first changes become noticeable after about three weeks. Although these do not always jump directly into the eye, it is often just the inner attitude towards the training that changes.

It is easy to do the exercises and you no longer have to force yourself to exercise, but just do it. But three to four weeks are actually a kind of magical hurdle that you have to reach in order to see the first successes. This is also the case with squat training. Hold on, you can do it!

Find out for yourself and just do the 30-day butt-challenge: In just one month to a crunchy butt

Video: 7 things to avoid after exercising

Video by Sarah Glaubach

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