What kind of music is this song

Spotify: Determine music genres for song, artist and album

This year's Spotify annual review confirmed that with “Float House” we were clearly a favorite genre that the music played last year dominated our accounts. A name that we didn't know before.

Accordingly, curiosity arose relatively quickly as to which genres Spotify assigned to current music. Unfortunately, the music streaming service doesn't expose the genres in the official apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Users who are thirsty for knowledge have to take detours to find out the assigned music categories.

On the web at chosic.com

This is possible online with the help of the so-called “Music Genre Finder” on chosic.com. Here you can search for any songs and you will then be presented with the genre overview that Spotify and LastFM have assigned to the songs entered.

Our test track, “Phaze-Shift” from “Forest Drive West”, is sorted into eight sub-drawers: Bass Music, Breaks, Drum Funk, Dub Techno, Experimental Techno, Float House, Microhouse and Outsider House.

Via the Spotify API

Alternatively, the query can also be made directly via the official Spotify web interface. After a short, free developer registration, this can be queried directly on the web and spits out all genres that have been assigned to certain artists on the “Get an Artist” page.

All you need here is the artist ID, which can be found in the artist links copied into Spotify. For “Forest Drive West” the artist ID is something like: “0K1lHu1BP65Z1DErnljxUw”.

expanding horizon

If this is entered in the "Get an Artist" page, the same genres will appear here as in the web search on chosic.com. You can then use these in the ingenious web portal "Every Noise at Once" to discover related genres and leading artists.