What is effective customer service

25 tips for excellent customer service [infographic]

What actually characterizes good customer service? What can you do to be successful at it? An optimal oneCustomer care is now mandatory for every well-run company. Just through that Satisfaction of previous customers many more can be won and existing customers can be retained.

No matter what industry or position you work in, no matter what type of customer you come into contact with on a daily basis, they are there, the universal skills and knowledge that every employee should have in order to offer their customers excellent service. The following infographic shows you how you can offer top service yourself.

    1. To listen
    2. Communication skills
    3. have patience
    4. keep promise
    5. honesty
    6. Follow up
    7. Expert knowledge
    8. Use body language correctly
    9. Self-confidence
    10. Be prepared for surprises
    11. Working under stress
    12. Empathize with customers
    13. Positive choice of words
    14. Computer knowledge
    15. Go one step further
    16. To learn from mistakes
    17. Be a good leader
    18. Be kind and compassionate
    19. Know your company
    20. Plan time correctly
    21. Analyze
    22. Convince and act
    23. Understand the human psyche
    24. Remain persistent
    25. Complete the conversation successfully

1. Listen

Listen carefully to your customer, ask about and summarize your customers' answers again. This is how customers know that you really care and care about them.

2. Communication skills

Learn to communicate with your clients in a convincing and understandable way. The basis for balanced communication is to know when to listen and when to speak for yourself. The way you speak is also important.

Understanding, attentiveness, and eloquence are qualities that you should acquire to make talking to the customer easier.

3. Have patience

Basically be calm. This will make it easier for you to deal with angry and difficult customers. Under no circumstances should you let aggression and anger run free.Controlyour emotions and show empathy and forbearance. If you are patient and exude calm, your customers will feel treated with a lot more respect.

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4. Keep promises

If you make promises to your customers, you should be able to keep them. Nothing annoys a customer more than when you have to back down afterwards. So inform yourself regularly about Innovations in company policy.

5. Honesty

When a customer service representative is honest and open with their customers, they convey that they care about them and want to satisfy them. Honesty and openness are especially important when you bad news for your customer has.

6. Follow up

Is your customer really satisfied with the solution you provided? It is better to check twice whether your client is really satisfied and ask one too much for their opinion, this creates trust.

7. Expert knowledge

You should be very familiar with all the products you sell in order to answer any questions you may have and to guarantee the best possible service.

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8. Use body language correctly

Positive, open body language is of enormous importance in every company.

Both facial expressions and gestures convey your attitude towards them and the topic to the other person.

Body language is important even when making phone calls. Even if the person you are talking to cannot see you, he or she can often tell from your tone of voice or manner of expression, what position you are in or what facial expression you are currently having. With a smile or a laugh you immediately relax the conversation and the The customer's attitude towards you is improved.

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9. Confidence

Nothing is more important for the customer than the certainty that they are in good hands. That's whySelf-confidenceand persuasiveness the two most important qualities you need to acquire. During a telephone conversation, for example, it is easier to persuade the client to make a purchase if you yourself are convinced of this purchase and can show it.

10. Be prepared for surprises

Good customer service is prepared for anything that happens. Basically, customer service employees should consider themselves easily adapt to new and unfamiliar situations can. This makes it easier for you to cope with surprises.

11. Working under stress

Working under pressure shouldn't be a problem for you either. Find solutions to problemsThinking ahead and being able to control yourself are prerequisites for successful handling.

The customer wants answers and you give them to them - also and above all under pressure.

Enthusiastic about your knowledge and the speed of the transmission, the customer is happy to leave a little earlier persuade them to make a purchase or a contract.

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