Are Netflix and Disney competitors

Netflix and Amazon: When will Disney Plus overtake the competition in Germany?

In a business context, a financial year is often divided into four quarters. After the first in 2021, Disney Plus continues to maneuver on the road to success. Netflix and Amazon, on the other hand, have to sell shares in Germany. When does the overtaking maneuver come?

The motorsport metaphors seem appropriate, as the hotly contested streaming competition is developing at breakneck speed. More and more players are fueling the engines, so the mass start in 2021 was particularly exciting. In Netflix's rearview mirror, Disney Plus is getting closer and closer.

Disney Plus success in 2021: 16 percent market share in Germany

Disney Plus collected important percentages in the first quarter of 2021 and further expanded its own market share. I came to this realization Just watch. The platform regularly publishes interesting streaming charts.

According to the streaming usage measured by Just Watch in Germany, Disney Plus increased its market share to 16 percent in the first three months of 2021.

Disney Plus is expanding its market share in streaming. (Photo:

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are still clearly in the lead. But proportionally, the two front streaming providers should record the highest losses.

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Netflix, Amazon and Co .: The competition is losing

In other words: Disney Plus is making great strides in the area of ​​new subscribers. It was not until March 2021 that the group communicated that it would exceed the 100 million mark with regard to paying customers. In December 2020 the number was around 85 million.

Disney Plus' success will continue in 2021. Why not? After all, the provider produces powerful original titles such as the “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”. The Marvel blockbuster "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" and the Star Channel should also act as effective draft horses.

Interesting: Even Apple TV Plus recorded a slight increase in the introductory quarter of 2021, as the following overview shows.

Disney Plus is gaining market share, Netflix and Prime Video are falling. (Photo:

Is Netflix falling victim to its own commercial thoughts?

Do you remember when Netflix caused amazed faces because the service had top-class, exclusive in-house productions in its program? Fundamentally, nothing changes about that. On the contrary: Originals like “The Queen's Gambit” have recently won immensely. But the holistic orientation is changing significantly.

Most noticeable is the ingratiation to linear television, to put it bluntly. It is said that Netflix is ​​flirting with the sale of rights to individual exclusive titles to external media companies NBC Universal and Viacom CBS, which also includes the young streaming provider Paramount Plus.

What does the step into the TV landscape bring? The answer is primarily rubbing your thumb and forefinger together. Hence the negative connotation of the lines here: Netflix is ​​increasingly commercializing.

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This may work from a theoretical business point of view, but it could also drive a number of users to competition. However, this probably at least compensates for the large TV range.

The reality TV carpet, which Netflix is ​​generously rolling out for anyone interested, also fits in with this. The internal section with cooking programs, dating formats and Kardashians is growing considerably and frighteningly. In the sense: Go, Disney Plus, go!

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