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Business administration: What to do with business

Business economists must be able to think analytically, have a preference for numbers and still score points with many soft skills. The competition on the job market is very high and so is the selection of courses.

Everyone does that! If you are considering a business course when choosing your own career, you will not have to wait long for comments. Around every fifth prospective high school graduate is interested in our study advisory service for courses in an economic context.

In addition to an interest in economic relationships, you should have a talent for dealing with numbers. Statistics, bills, account balances are part of everyday life and must be understood quickly. Anyone who thinks they can get around mathematics, statistics and data processing in economics will quickly be taught better in the course of their studies.

Soft skills such as flexibility, teamwork and mobility are also an indispensable part of the requirements profile of a future business economist. Since business studies are among the top favorites among new students at German universities, the competition is fierce. In addition to a good degree, employers welcome additional qualifications of all kinds.

Finance, marketing, production, logistics, human resources or corporate management

Business economists can perform very different jobs in companies in many areas. Depending on the size of the company, there will be smaller or larger departments for the individual divisions.

  • Accounting, finance and taxation: This is about numbers, numbers, numbers. Anyone interested in this area will be confronted with accounting, controlling, budgeting, corporate finance, cash management, investment management, cost accounting, investor relations, auditing and tax advice.
  • Marketing and Sales: Marketing and sales are all about market research and sales planning. What does the customer want, how do I get to my target group and how are as many products as possible sold. Employees in marketing and sales develop marketing concepts and advertising measures or look after major customers as key account managers.
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  • Materials: Merchants can also be found in the materials management of a company - in purchasing and logistics. The flow of goods between suppliers, customers and warehouses must be coordinated by professionals. In manufacturing companies, the means of production, raw and auxiliary materials or spare parts are also added.
  • Human Resource: Personnel development, personnel management, personnel management, personnel policy - in a personnel department, business economists take on personnel planning, the hiring and further development of employees, as well as vacation planning and payroll accounting.
  • Corporate management: The top management of a company is made up of the people who make the decisions about the direction of the company. Strategic management (development, planning and implementation of content-related goals) or operational management (management of employees and planning, control and monitoring of the business process) help them at different levels.

International Business

In transnationally operating companies you have the best possible employment with a business administration degree with an international focus. Languages ​​are part of the program during the course and a stay abroad is usually also integrated.

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One becomes a specialist either through the corresponding focus in a business degree or a specialized course that is aimed at a specific activity. Universities traditionally offer a wide range of options, universities of applied sciences tend to set priorities.

Business economists are wanted in all branches. Often, however, the requirement profile is so specific that the course is best laid early on in the course of study through an interface course.

Interface courses: Business Administration + xy

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Also in the fields of technology / economics, law / economics and natural science / economics experts are needed who have already learned the necessary bridging between the industries during their studies.

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There is a large selection of courses. Thousands of business administration graduates complete their studies every year and are thrown onto the job market. But since, according to the Adecco job index, a quarter of all job offers are directed at business economists, it still works. Those who have created their own profile during their studies and thus clearly stand out from the crowd of applicants will certainly find a job quickly.