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UN give up convention against trade disputes

There is a trade dispute between the USA and China, some even speak of a trade war, which is generally perceived as too martial: after all, tariffs are not bombs. But nonetheless, there is a growing awareness that something must be done internationally to combat this type of conflict. That is why 46 states are now - at least - supporting a UN agreement to resolve commercial conflicts. The so-called Singapore Convention was signed in the Southeast Asian city-state. Interesting: The United States and the People's Republic are among the first to sign. The European Union (EU) has yet to decide whether it will participate as a whole or whether member states will sign individually.

Mediation is faster and costs less

The aim of the agreement of the United Nations is to settle cross-border disputes more frequently in the future through mediation. This is usually faster and less expensive than complex litigation or arbitration. So far, however, this has been difficult to enforce legally. This should now become easier with the help of the convention. However, experts doubt whether this will succeed.

The orchid garden of Singapore

UN Deputy Secretary General Stephen Mathias praised the agreement as a "landmark convention" for the peaceful settlement of disputes. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said: "Multilateralism is under pressure. But the solution is to make it better, not to give it up."

An orchid was also named after the contract in Singapore for signing, the "Aranda Singapore Convention on Mediation". The orchid is the country's national flower. In the local botanical garden there are a large number of orchids, which are named after foreign state guests who visited here. There are also the "Angela Merkel" and the "Frank-Walter Steinmeier". Rather silent here.

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