Can someone run FIFA on Windows 10?

Usually the error message appears that the graphics accelerator is not available


Go to the game directory under C: \ Program Files \ Origin Games \ Fifa Manager14

with a 64-bit operating system under C: \ Program Files (X86) \ Origin Games \ Fifa Manager 14

Look for the Fifa Manager14.exe.

Select it by left-clicking it once and then right-clicking it again.

Then click on "Properties" (see picture)

Click on the "Compatibility" tab

First check the box next to Program as administrator.

It causes a query to be answered with YES at the start of the game,

otherwise the game will not start!

Then run the program compatibility troubleshooter !!

The wizard found a way because the game did not run on Windows 10,

Then simulate a Windows 8. Always click on Test program.

The wizard then starts the game.

If it works, quit the game again and click on Next.

Even if it doesn't work, click on Next!

Close troubleshooting !!

Click "Yes, save" when the game started or "No" to repeat with other settings

If you choose No, the assistant starts again and tries a setting with a different operating system.

For me it ran under the simulation for Windows 8

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