How true is the Roswell UFO incident

July 8, 1947 - The UFO finds in Roswell are denied

Consistency of reptiles?

The message from the "flying saucer"made the rounds on July 8, 1947. On the same day, the military press office denied it. At a press conference, General Ramey in charge presented debris and claimed that they came from a weather balloon. From today's perspective, this is demonstrably wrong. Nevertheless grow grass over the Roswell thing first.

The way the US Army tried to cover up the incident sparked sensational reporters in the 1970s. They unearth witnesses telling of an organic spaceship and alien pilot. Ex-NASA employee Clark McClelland claims that even nuclear missile developer Wernher von Braun was irritated by the extremely thin and tear-resistant rubble on site. The one in Roswell "recovered corpses were small, fragile, and had large heads"von Braun told him."The skin was gray and the consistency of reptiles."

Alias ​​"Mogul"

After all, the case is too colorful for the US authorities. In the 1990s they order an evaluation of the archive material. The first report shows that the Roswell find was the remains of a top-secret military project, alias "Mogul", which the US hoped to use a stratospheric balloon or balloon system to track down Russian missiles at the beginning of the Cold War. The project is said to have been more secretive than the development of the atomic bomb itself.

This explanation does not convince real UFO fans to this day. They are building a museum for flying saucers in Roswell and have a UFO festival every summer. Also in July 2017, on the 70th anniversary.