Is the vegan movement propaganda

Cooking school Neuschwabenland

Nazis are discovering the vegan diet for themselves and are copying a trend in order to remain connected to the young audience. However, the right has nothing to do with the actual idea of ​​the vegan movement.

There are supposed arguments against the vegetarian-vegan movement that have persisted for decades. Hitler was a vegetarian is one such example, because if the Führer did not eat meat, then behind the peace-loving facade there can really only be a horde of racists who indulge in Nazi ideas. Fortunately, in the spirit of Guido Knoppscher's historical research, no one had the idea of ​​associating Hitler's membership of the biologically male sex with the fact that the man can basically only be a lousy Nazi.

It doesn't matter that the supposed veggie guide is more of a case for the mythical moth box from the Third Reich. The only evidence is that Hitler ate significantly less meat in the last years of his life, because his stomach, like the rest of his body, really did not fit the self-propagated concept of racial madness and had increasing problems with the meat-laden home cooking of the 1930s. It should therefore definitely be the health necessity as a serious ethical concept behind it, why little meat (not to be confused with no meat at all) landed on Hitler's plate, and vegan diet - which the argument is actually about - goes much further apart.

The veggie community should therefore not worry much more about the dull polemics of incorrigible vegan critics, but rather concentrate on the right-wing movement that is currently misusing veganism for their own purposes.

Anyone who has also become vegan for ethical and moral reasons should literally bump into the videos that have been spread on YouTube for a few months - mostly young men appear as vegan cooks masked with balaclavas. The kitchen of an attic apartment serves as the backdrop - it is unclear in which city the filming location is located, as well as whether and, if so, to which specific right-wing group or camaraderie the protagonists belong.

The men, who usually appear in pairs, to whom other people from the right-wing scene may join in some videos, appear emphatically youthful, are relaxed in their presentations and repeatedly emphasize that all their recipes completely dispense with animal products and are organic or sometimes even come from the dumpster. The goal associated with this is clear: With their right-wing cooking school, the two Nazis want to gain access to the target group, mostly of about the same age, outside the right-wing scene, and therefore copy essential elements of clothing, language and style, such as those found in youth cultures such as those seen as scene-conscious city dwellers know staging hipsters. This approach of the right-wing scene is nothing new: Nazis repeatedly copy trends for their own purposes. The appearance and style of the Autonomous Nationalists are seen as a direct response to autonomous left groups, for example in anti-fascist contexts.

The "nipsters" act in a very similar way (an artificial word coined from Nazi and Hippster after the first reports on the scene.), Although in the case of the vegan Nazi cooks on YouTube it is a mixture of the Hippster style and an aggressive counterpart at the same time acts, as the storm masks, which are primarily used for camouflage, make clear.

When the two Nazis indicate in front of the camera that they might want to smash the kitchen inventory in the next moment, they deliberately stand out from other mostly harmless youth movements. The underlying message is ambiguous: on the one hand, the repeatedly shown hints of violence from their own right-wing scene are intended to send the signal that even a nipster remains aggressive in his ideology, on the other hand, the obviously downplaying violence to the outside world is intended to affirm that the aversion to those who think differently is with them the chic of a glitter pony on the t-shirt. In this context, veganism is just another component, albeit one that is becoming more and more important, as the number of young people in particular who do without animal products is growing rapidly.

The Nazi scene wants to use this development for itself and picks up wherever supposedly non-political topics can be found. It is very likely that the neo-Nazis will benefit from the development of veganism, especially in recent years. From a movement that recently went back frequently to left, political approaches (for a more detailed scientific reading, the book Matthias Rude "Antispeciesism. The liberation of humans and animals in the animal rights movement and the left" is recommended) is on the one hand due to a targeted reinterpretation the number of vegans is literally exploding, but on the other hand at the price of increasing depoliticization.

It is true that vegans repeatedly state in surveys that their decision in favor of an animal-free diet often has to do with ethical concerns - primarily directly towards animals - but in most cases it is less and less a fundamental and even less a well-founded criticism of the system, which is why the meaning of veganism is emptied. The nipsters are now trying to penetrate this gap, because those who only superficially represent the demand for more animal protection may be receptive to the messages from the right in other areas of politics.

The vegan kitchen Nazis only partially hide their ideology in their videos, they are often a mixture of hidden scene codes and obvious anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic and other misanthropic attitudes. If in one episode the words "Haus Montag Pirna" can be read on the tops of the Nazi cooking crew, then at most initiated rights and scene connoisseurs know that behind it is a hidden expression of solidarity for a "national center" operated by the right-wing extremist NPD, whose name is in turn goes back to a project by Italian Nazis.

Also inconspicuous is a scene in which one of the two main actors is said to have his blood type tattooed on the arm. This procedure used to be common in the Waffen-SS, the tattoo was even considered a sign of recognition, which is why many wearers removed the symbol after the Second World War through self-mutilation. At first inconspicuous, there is also the hint at the end of a video, in which one of the two cooks declares his solidarity with three groups that were banned by the Saxon Ministry of the Interior in the spring.

The video does not mention that it is about the »National Socialists Chemnitz (NSC)«, but the ideological closeness becomes obvious when the protagonists declare that they hate communists and are »free, social and national.« Explicitly as brown Immediately recognizable ideas are sometimes only noticed incidentally, the silhouette of Adolf Hitler on the shirts in a sequence is covered by the words “A person is illegal”, making it difficult to recognize.

Precisely because the improper propagation of veganism by the right-wing scene fits superficially into its own concept of homeland security, the vegan movement should be all the more vigilant and focus more on the basic idea of ​​the liberation of humans and animals - as advocated by the animal liberation movement . Veganism can only be connected to the right-wing scene if it only regards its components of environmental protection, social issues, animal and human rights and the criticism of capitalism in isolation and not in context. From this point of view, veganism as an ethical concept and right thought are mutually exclusive. Then recipes like the “Browned Aubergines” or the “Neuschwabenland Cheesecake” are just one thing: Unsavory propaganda.

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