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Gross salary for members of the executive service

  • Monthly gross earnings during basic training based on the 2021 salary:
1st year of training:approx. € 1,765
2nd year of training: theoretical course sectionsapprox. € 2.180, -
  practical course sectionsapprox. € 2,370
  • After completing the basic training and acceptance into the public service relationship is followed by employment in a police station. There, in addition to the basic payment, a number of allowances / ancillary fees are due, the extent of which depends heavily on the workload and thus on the additional services incurred at the respective department. It is therefore not possible to state exact earnings. As a guide value for the monthly gross total earnings immediately after acceptance into the public service relationship, an amount of about € 3.800,- be accepted.

Unless a career is pursued in a higher employment group, if you remain in the lowest employment group towards the end of your active career, you can definitely earn a total of € 5.500,- or even more than that.

Exemplary representation of fictitious career or earning opportunities:

to hum
work experience
Monthly salaryRegular
Journal services
Total gross
example 1E2binspectorAfter graduation
Basic training
Example 2E2b *Group inspector21 years of service2.380,-660,-320,-1.210,-4.570,-
Example 3E2aDistrict Inspector8 years of service2.220,-705,-320,-1.185,-4.430,-
Example 4E2a *Chief inspector21 years of service2.520,-900,-320,-1.330,-5.070,-
Example 5E1Captain10 years of service2.620,-840,-320,-1.510,-5.290,-
Example 6E1 *Colonel21 years of service3.344,-985,-320,-1.770,-6.420,-

The gross monthly salary of € 3,800.00 results from a nationwide average review of the hourly performance of an officer in employment group E2b in salary level 2, which can generally be assumed to be achieved with normal employment in the executive service.

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