Why don't so many people like me

Side effects are generally something you don't want to see, but sometimes they can be useful. So in the case of last Sunday's referendum. This had the side effect that never before have so many people in the district thought about using wind power. That this also applies to politics is shown by the fact that the focus area concept is to be taken out of the drawer again. In fact, the timing couldn't be better.

In addition to addressing the issue in general, the referendum brought something else: a finding. Namely, that the resistance to wind turbines is less than some in politics probably believe. The decision was only made with a narrow majority in favor of the wind turbines in the forest. However, a good third of those entitled did not take part because they obviously don't care whether wind turbines are built in the forest. From a purely arithmetical point of view, including the abstentions, ultimately only a third of the district's residents voted against the wind turbines in the forest. Some of them, on the other hand, are unlikely to have any fundamental problem with wind turbines, but voted no because they feared damage to the forest as a result of the project.

Indeed, as an argument against the wind turbines in the Ebersberger Forest, one should often hear that it would be better to override the 10-H rule. Then systems could also be set up in less sensitive places in the landscape. For which there have been attempts in some communities in recent years, but the majority in the committees then followed Karl Valentin's famous saying: "I would have wanted to, but I dared not be allowed to." After all, the citizens are against wind turbines and punish all those who feed the terrible rotors at the ballot box.

It has now been shown that this is not the case, in fact that wind power can even win under particularly difficult circumstances. Perhaps this would be a good reason to think about exemptions from 10 H in the churches. In addition to a contribution to the energy transition, this would also be one for more justice: to show those who live near the forest that wind turbines are not only built there. Perhaps this could help to reconcile at least some of those who voted no on Sunday with the project. That would also be a side effect that should be taken seriously.