Is Isaiah chapter 7 14 about Jesus

Keyword: Immanuel

The name "Immanuel" translates as "God is with us". It appears in the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments.

(1) In the Old Testament

Isaiah 7: 12-17 describes how the prophet Isaiah announced the birth of a child to King Ahaz. A young woman will give birth to it and it will be called Immanuel. The birth of this child is a sign that God will stand by King Ahaz against the hostile neighboring peoples who are threatening Jerusalem. For God is with his people. Who the announced child is actually remains in the balance. Maybe it's a royal figure.

(2) In the New Testament

The Christians related Immanuel's announcement to Jesus from the start. In the very first chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, Isaiah 7:14 is quoted and the birth of Immanuel is announced. Jesus is therefore considered to be the Immanuel promised in the Old Testament. With him God comes to people and stays with them. This is taken up again in Matthew 28, at the end of the Gospel, when Jesus promises that he will always be with his disciples.

Man who proclaims what God has to say in a certain situation.
He was active around 700 BC. As a prophet and proclaimed the will of God to the people.
Nickname of the Israelite progenitor Jakob. As a common name, it refers to the entire twelve-tribes people.
Greek form of the Hebrew name Yeshua.