What prevents asteroids from hitting Earth


An MIT student and tech billionaire desperately try to stop an asteroid hurtling toward Earth.
Starring: Ian Anthony Dale, Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan
Creators: Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro, Matt Wheeler
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When he discovers that an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, MIT student Liam Cole turns to tech billionaire Darius Tanz for help.

To protect the planet from the impact of the asteroid, Liam and Darius are working on developing a technology that is theoretically impossible.

Darius has to push ahead with his work on the EM drive. Grace is shocked to learn that the Pentagon's best plan still counts billions of deaths.

Darius is suspected of hacking NASA and is arrested. After Grace interrogates him, she continues her investigation at Tanz Industries.

Darius and Grace find out who the mole is. It becomes clear that an alien power is trying to take control of the asteroid.

More and more is at stake, so Harris and Liam embark on a mission to extract a crystal that they can use to build a new EM drive.

The increasing tensions with the Russians come to the fore and national interests threaten to overshadow the common good.

During their private visit to Russia, Grace and Darius discover that they are fishing in murky water than expected.

Leaked news complicates diplomatic relations between the US and Russia. The plans to protect the planet are in jeopardy.

When he fails to get through to the president, Darius decides to force her to visit him by holding a press conference with an announcement.

When the incumbent president decides to classify the hackers as a terrorist group, Harris and Grace worry about the safety of their children.

Harris, Grace and Darius start their own investigations to uncover a conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of government.

A US Navy ship is sunk off the coast of Florida. In the race against time, Grace, Harris, Liam and Darius must save humanity from destruction.

Liam proposes a new plan, the warehouse fever spreads in the ark's hangar, Darius is given a new position and Re / Syst has a message for the world.

Darius prepares for a dangerous journey with a lot at stake. Grace thinks she is hallucinating. Liam meets a mysterious scientist.

As Bennett claims his moral rights on the steps of the Supreme Court, Grace is overcome with remorse. Liam's idea comes under fire.

Riots continue to tear the nation apart as the investigation into Claire's disappearance intensifies.

Angry hordes roam the streets as Grace and Alonzo try to get an important shot to safety. Meanwhile, the White House is being cordoned off.

Mackenzie tries to reconcile the torn country, but not everyone is ready. Darius tests his toy.

Darius finds himself in an unprecedented political situation and swears revenge for a painful loss. Harris makes a disturbing discovery.

With Darius missing from the White House, a desperate search begins to find him before anything happens to him. Liam receives unexpected help.

Liam attempts to reconcile with Jillian while Darius ponders both his political future and his family's dark past.

After Alycia is caught, Darius makes a suggestion. Meanwhile, Grace receives a disturbing phone call and Jillian ignores Liam's concerns.

Darius brings much needed good news, but at the press conference there is a scandal. The search for Jillian and Zoe expands.

The planet is in chaos and Darius makes a shocking decision. Harris gives Grace a chance to save herself - and Zoe.

As the world prepares for the arrival of the asteroid, Darius re-energizes to find a way to stop the White House's disastrous plot.

Ian Anthony DaleSantiago CabreraJennifer FinniganCharlie RoweJacqueline ByersRachel DranceErica LuttrellShazi Raja
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