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Book Apps: The 3 Best Free Apps for Bookworms

Do you love books, whether digital or analog? We have the best free apps for you to satisfy your desire for letters and to document your inventory.

Attention bookworms and bookworms: We present you the best free apps for real letter fans. No matter whether you are longing for more reading material, want to exchange your favorite stories with others or are just looking for an app with which you can manage your in-house library.

Libby - The Extensive

Books have long been available in public libraries not only in print, but also in digital form. Libby ties in at this point and offers a platform for digital lending from all libraries participating in the program. All you need is a valid library card. You register with your membership number in Libby and in future you can use all online offers in your library - free of charge.

It is a pity that the app is only partially translated and that many explanations and menu items are only available in English. In addition, is Libby a bit confusing at first and it takes a little patience to find your way around. However, there is a tutorial and the loan itself is straightforward. The app saves the page you left off even after you quit and shows you your reading progress at any time. Each book also has a short sample text to give you an idea of ​​the story. When looking for a new book, you have the option of filtering by genre, language, popularity and target group. On top: About Libby not only e-books but also audio books can be borrowed.

  • Extensive search and filter options
  • Large selection of eBooks and audio books
  • All content also available offline (after download)
  • Lots of menu texts in English
  • Confusing at first

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Goodreads - The Communicative

Goodreads is exactly the right app for everyone who not only likes to read, but also shares information about good books with others. You can recommend your favorite stories to other users using a star rating and / or a detailed review or make your disappointment with a work known. You can use the friends function to add other bookworms to a list so that you can find their latest achievements and reviews more easily. Participate in reading challenges and keep track of the books you are currently reading!

We like that it doesn't always take a long review to rate a book. So you can recommend reading material without writing a novel yourself. In addition, you have the opportunity to set a personal reading goal and at the end of the year to see whether you have actually opened that many books. That encourages you to read more. Practical: right from the first start of Goodreads all works in the database can be filtered according to popular topics and genres. Under each book there are buttons that take you directly to an online shop and the corresponding title. For German users, however, this is rather a hindrance, because the shops almost exclusively include shops from Great Britain.

  • Reading challenge
  • Friends function
  • Choice between star rating and review
  • Extensive filter
  • UK online stores only listed

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My library - keeping things tidy

Those who do not borrow every book from the library will accumulate many books over the years in their own four walls and sometimes no longer know which treasures are gathering dust on the shelves. My library solves the problem, because all your books can be recorded in the app. In addition, the application offers space to add further information such as price, summary, genre, publisher, year, number of pages and the period in which you read the work. If you want, you can also add the original cover for each title.

Don't worry, you don't have to type in the name of each book individually, you can conveniently scan the barcode. Alternatively, the work can be found using an ISBN number. In addition, the collection can be exported as an Excel file and saved separately in this way. It is a pity, however, that only lists that were previously exported can be imported back into the app. It would be nicer if My library the possibility would offer to open self-created Excel files via the app. Unfortunately, the app is only available for Android phones. For iPhone and iPad users, we recommend BookBuddy, an iOS application with a similar range of functions.

  • Add a book using a barcode scan
  • Additional information about the title
  • Extensive database for German and English
  • Outdated design
  • Only lists that have already been exported can be imported

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Conclusion - our test result

All three book apps offer bookworms and all those who want to become one the perfect support. Libby helps public libraries to constantly expand the range of eBooks and audio books and offers an uncomplicated way to immerse yourself in new stories. Goodreads is the social network for book fans. There you will discover new works, give recommendations to other users and take part in reading challenges. The last in the league My library, helps bibliophiles to bring order to their bookshelf and to store additional information about their favorite titles as well as to keep track of reading habits. Satisfied for iOS users BookBuddy same purpose.