How much money is five pence

Money makes the world go round: Everything to do with currency and payment

The currency in the United Kingdom is the British pound. Pound sterling). The currency symbol is £ and one pound is divided into one hundred pence (Sg .: penny).

When writing amounts of money, you should make sure that the currency symbol is always in front the amount. This is different than in the euro countries.

Now, learn and practice how to express prices in English:


How much is that?

How much is it?

This is ... / This costs ...

It costs...

I′d like to pay, please.

I would like to pay, please.

The bill, please.

The Bill please.

That's twelve pound (s), please.

That'll be 12 pounds, please.

That's too expensive.

This is too expensive.

£ 25.99: twenty-five pound (s) (and) ninety-nine (pence)

twenty-five pounds and ninety-nine pence

£ 40.50: forty pounds (and) fifty (pence)

forty pounds and fifty pence

£ 102: one hundred and two pound (s)

one hundred and two pounds

£ 155.60: one hundred and fifty-five pounds (and) sixty (pence).

one hundred and fifty-five pounds and sixty pence.

£ 1,200: one thousand, two hundred pounds

one thousand two hundred pounds

And here are a few more examples to read through:


That's one hundred and twelve pound (s) (and) fifteen (pence), please.

That’s a hundred and twelve pounds and fifteen pence, please.

I′d like to pay the deposit of three hundred and thirty pounds.

I'd like to pay the three hundred and thirty pounds deposit.

I'm going to offer you one thousand five hundred pounds for your old car.

I'm offering you a thousand five hundred pounds for your old car.

Does it really cost seven thousand pounds to fly first-class?

Does it really cost seven thousand pounds to fly first class?

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