The Salem witch's exams were a joke

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This article is devoted to witches and the torture that was applied to them. In any era, humanity has been extremely inventive when it comes to executions or bullying. After reading this article, cut your head to kill or cut off the thief, it seems like baby fun to you.

Who are the witches?

"Witch" is often referred to as an ugly old woman or, on the contrary, a beautiful young woman. In general, the witch is a woman.

Here are the main charges presented to witches and wizards:
1. Flights over the air and pillage of wine cellars;
2. Listing of Startopie - The ability to turn the wolf and kill cattle;
3. The ability to become invisible with herbs;
4. The healing of diseases and paralysis caused by witchcraft by sending them to another person;
5. kidnapping and eating children;
6. Call on Satan and inferior to a deal with him;
7. Planning the Authority of the Church.

To begin, it is necessary to clarify that our ancestors were extremely selective, right up to the preparation of instructions and huge treatises on catching and destroying "witches".

Print the devil.

Under this "stamp" it was implied that externally, at least at some point, distinguishes one person from among its tribal people. Big mole? Strabismus? Incredible Beauty? "Burn witch!" For such parameters someone could come to such parameters, so if you, dear reader, were to get burned these days - you would have found the "Print Devil" and the case with the end.

The German treatise "Hammerhexe" is sometimes referred to as a single medieval European instruction for recognizing and confirming demonic powers. In fact, it did not exist in a single architect member of the witch. However, many instructions on the subject were produced by separate secular communities for their country Furthermore, they could be the most diverse and unexpected. (Which seems to lead to certain thoughts)

"He is strange".

Most often, the department's distrust fell not in people, not because of the basis of the evidence, but because their behavior and lifestyle made them seem strange neighbors, and they were different from others. Witches and wizards were declared by strangers as opposed to Lonen, overly painful people or, on the contrary, the only ones who were not sick during the epidemic, had the special talents who were happy on the farm, which turned out to be richer than it was.

How do you torture witches?

Oh, there were more options than enough here. However, now we are going to look at the most nasty and sophisticated methods of bullying on unfortunate defendants.


It was the most important way to eradicate the Witness influence on other people's sinless souls. The scorched soul excluded the opportunity to confuse or color a sinless soul. What could doubt be?

Witchino swimming chair.

The sinner, who is tied to the chair, suspended on the long drive, and lowered for a while under the water, then they gave a little blocking air and again - under the water. A popular season for such torture is late fall or even winter. I cut a cut in ice, and after a while the victim chips not only under water without air, but also in such welcome air with an ice crust. Sometimes torture lasted for days.

Torture water

This method was "spied" by the Inquisitors in the east. The sinner was tied by barbed wire or strong ropes in a special table-type wooden table with a greatly raised center, so that the sinner's stomach chopped as much as possible. His mouth was pounded with a rag or straw so that it would not close, and a tube inserted into his mouth through which the incredible amount of water was poured. If the victim does not stop this torture to confess or confess to torture, the victim was a definite death at the end of the test, the victim was removed from the table, put the floor on, and the executioner jumped on her bloated stomach. The finale is understandable and disgusting.


This device has been inserted and revealed in the most savory holes in the body to cause inconceivable pain to the victim who breaks those holes. In general, the variations in torture affecting the intimate parts of the body were very many. The most faithful of them was considered to be the use of "cradles". Visually looked like a large triangle. The witch was lifted by the rope and then laid on the "cradle", and the top of the triangle was inserted into the same holes as a pear. It was so painful that the sinner passed out. He was lifted, "pumped out" and put back on the cradle.

Purify soul

In many Catholic countries, the clergy believed that the entire soul of sinners could be cleansed. For these purposes they had to put boiling water in the throat of a sinner or close in the throat or throw down the same hot coal. You understand, in concern for the soul, there was no place for concern for the body.

Iron Maiden.

Closes our list of the extremely cunning and popular customizations of these times. This is a huge sarcophagus in the form of an open, empty female figure in which numerous blades and sharp points are reinforced. They are located in such a way that the victims of the victim's sarcophagus are unaffected by the victims, so the agony of those sentenced to execution was long and painful.

The opinion of historians.

Many scholars consider the so-called "witch hunt" through the path of social regulation and in a more convenient way to "eliminate detrimental." The list of allegations you've already read and some clarifications for different regions are allowed to blame the witch in what accused your soul wages (starvation, cattle, cropping, theft and vandalism, disease and epidemics, loss of children, etc.) )

A hundred years war was neglected to an end, and life was very and very hard, in order to restore order and control of society it was necessary to find an enemy who could be accused of all misfortunes.

Anastasia Yalkina.

From the book N. Bessonova "Courts of Witchcraft".

Germany XVII century. In the land of the dust of the Poles. Stack around them BRIC. Branches are prepared before the chains and kinks. Many people gathered to perform the execution, but the pillar is unpredictable. This was gathered in the days of earlier trials from all around six to eight thousand viewers.

The hosts of the restaurants and the courtyards were pretty much welcomed again. Now the sharp spectacle was like. The burned propellars in the burned lots became the usual part of the landscape - so common that it was just for the hard drive for an engineer.

In 1631 Cardinal Albiczi recorded on the way to Cologne: "The terrible spectacle appeared before our eyes. Above the walls of many cities and villages we saw numerous pillars, to which bad unfortunate women were bound and burned as witches."

As the background of sleeping was figuratively expressed, "All over Germany the smoke from fires rises from everywhere, which overshadows the light ...". Famous historian Johann Sherr made the same generalizations: "... every city, every place, every pretty, every noble property in Germany is illuminated in Germany ..."

Here is a Snaggade-small village Reikhertshofen. Here in the middle of the 19th century the witch hunt claimed fifty lives. Light Weizenstein only sent sixty-three women to the fire in 1562. Five thousand women and girls were burned to death near Strasbourg from 1615 to 1635.

Most often, the list of versions was filled in gradually. Usually two or three victims were burned at a time. Such was the rhythm of the "quiet" times. But during the bursts of hysteria, car little ones were arranged, amazing, even the most famous of all Germans.

Chronicle of Braunschweig 1590 contains a very clear comparison. "The way of execution looked like a small forest due to the number of crevices," says the Chronicle. The strength of the German terror can be judged particularly visibly if we are at the same time, like a bird's eye view of different places.

Mentally transferred to October 1582.

Each Gorodishko distinguished himself an overcrowded execution, directing the victims of the victims by the dozen - all with an interval in a few days. The French judge Henri GOTT was really right, who described his impressions around 1600: "Germany is almost completely covered with fire that is folded for witches. Switzerland was also forced to extinguish many of its villages with the face of the earth. In Lorraine the traveler can see thousands and thousands of pillars to which the sorcerers are bound. "Henry himself woven in the county of Burgundy, where he was the chief judge. His efforts burned 600 witches.

Other countries were difficult to stick with the German information. Nevertheless, mass executions are marked in France. In Briancon, 1428, 110 women and 57 men were burned alive. 40 witches were burned in Toulouse in 1557. It was one of the first trials in the south of France. They are comparable in terms of the number of victims of terror in German bishops.

In Bamberg and Würzburg - two German cities - the witch hunt began almost at the same time in the 17th century. for a short time challenged a thousand lives and a half. 600 witches and wizards were burned in Bamberg in Würzburg 900. The cousins ​​who had the title "Prince-Episcop" were led by terror: Philip Adolf von Eriemberg and Gottfried Johann Georg.

Jesuits were the inspiration for ideas. At first they were executed by those among the citizens with beauty, wealth, position or good formation. At the same time, many children died who did not have time to show themselves.

On February 16, 1629 a list was drawn up in Würzburg, including 157 employees. Of course, it is not exhaustive as the discussion continues on and below. There was a lot of men's surprise among the victims among the victims.

Slag Thirty-three War and cities were filled with refugees. It is worth paying special attention to how much has been destroyed by "strangers".

"First burn: four. Dear woman; old Wittungsanker; woman the hoodboard; fat woman von Hecker.

Second burn: four. Boittler's old wife; Two visitors; Old giver.

Third burn: five. Musician; Culser's wife; the prosecutor's wife the pin; Bridvist's wife; Jewelers wife.

Fourth burn: five. Zigmund's wife, Burgomaster; Brimmann's wife; hanging; old women's room; Peziusi

Seventh burning: seven. An arriving girl twelve years old; Visits; arrive; Rural Elder of Other People's Places; Three visitors. In addition, the guard who fled a few witches was executed in the market square.

Ninth burn: five. Wagner Wyndt; Visits; Betu daughter; Bentz wife; Mrs. Eiering.

Tenth burn: three. Steinner, one of the richest citizens; The people are a man and a woman.

Eleventh burn: four. Schverdt, Vicar of the Cathedral; Renacker Manager; Stone woman; Musician Silberan.

The twelfth burner: two. Two visitors.

Thirteenth burning: four. Old court schmidt; old woman; Little girl nine or ten years old; Your younger sister.

Fourteenth burn: two. Mother of two girls mentioned earlier; Daughter liblar 24 years old.

Sixteenth Burn: Six. Boy side of Ratzenztein; Boy of ten years; Two daughters expelled from the head of the council and his maid; Fat woman Zapeler.

18. Burn: Six. Batch of batch; Boy twelve years; another boy of twelve years; Daughter of boys, girl fifteen years old; arrive.

Twentieth Burning: Six. Babelin Gobel, the most beautiful girl in Würzburg; A fifth student who knows many languages, he is a musician, excellent at singing and playing musical instruments; Two twelve-year-old boys from Munster; Sheter daughter; HEHER'S wife.

The latest versions belong to 1631. The population of Würzburg and Bamberg saved the war from further persecution. With the approach of the Protestant army, the Catholic Prelas fled to Cologne with their treasures. Collected in Cologne after 1631: Archbishop Mainzskky, Bishops Bamberg, Würzburg, Wormsky, steeper and Abbot Fulda. In a new location, fanatics organized another witch hunt.

After a few years of burning, in the shelter, I was tortured in Cologne, even the Roman father began to interfere, and he sent two cardinals to the unfortunate city to weaken from mania. When you support Rome, sane people took the spirit and managed to burn the rooted guests.

Historians find small excuses from fierce bishops. In their favor, they only say two facts. First, the Würzburg bishop acted under the influence of fanaticism and not just greed. He personally ordered the execution of the young man's nephew, although in the future had a great deal of grief in a loss.

The German historian I. Sherr writes: "The executions committed by all the weights begin in Germany around 1580 in Germany and continue for almost a century. While all Lorraine have smoked their way out of the fire ... in Padety, in Brandenburg, there is also many executions in and around Leipzig.

In the county of Verdenfeld in Bavaria in 1582 a trial led to a fire of 48 witches ... in Braunschweig between 1590-1600. They burned so many witches (10-12 people every day) that their shameful pillars in front of the gate were "thick forest".

In the small county, Henneberg burned 22 witches in one 1612, 1597-1876. - Total 197 ...

In Lindheim there were 540 inhabitants from 1661 to 1664. 30 people burned. Fuldian Richter the magician Balthazar Foss boasted that he burned 700 people in both sexes and hopes to bring the number of his sacrifices up to 1,000.

In the county of Neuss (belonging to Breslavl's bishop) from 1640 to 1651. about 1000 witches burned; We have descriptions of more than 242 designs; Children from 1 to 6 years old encounter the victims. At the same time, several hundred witches are killed in the Bischofart of OlMeutz.

In October 1640, 80 witches were burned in 1640. Some Mr. Rankov burned 18 witches in one day in 1686 in Holstein. According to the documents obtained, they were burned in the bishop of Bamberg among the population of 100,000 people in 1627-1630. 285 people and in the Bishop of Würzburg for three years (1727-1729) - more than 200; Among them are people of all ages, ranks, and sex ...

The latter burning in large sizes was ordered by Archbishop Salzburg in 1678. At the same time, the sacrifice of Holy Fury sank 97 people. In all of these executions of which we are aware of documents, we must also attach at least as many executions, the actions of which are lost to history. Then it turns out that every town, every place, every pretty, every noble property in Germany accused thousands of people who died of witchcraft. We will not exaggerate when we define the number of victims in 100,000 people. "

In England the Inquisition "only" destroyed about a thousand people. To Henry the Eighth. burned mainly lutheran; Catholics "lucky" - they were hung. Sometimes, however, it is sometimes turned to the diversity of the Lutheran and Catholic with its back and in that form erected in a fire.

In France, the first known burner took place in TOULOUSE in 1285 when a woman was accused of collaborating with the devil that she allegedly built a cross between a wolf, snake and man. In 1320-1350. 200 women came to the frame, in Toulouse more than 400.

In Toulouse, on February 9, 1619, the famous Italian philosopher Pantheist Julio Vanini was burned. The execution procedure was regulated in the thus regulated sentence: "The bill must be drawn into a shirt on the immaculate bed linen with a neck loop and a plaque on the shoulders on which the following words should be written:" Atheist and a blasphemy ".

The executioner was supposed to deliver it to the main gates of the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Etienne and on his knees, naked, with a bare head. He must keep a burning wax candle in his hands and beg for forgiveness from God, the king and the court.

Then the executioner assigns the executioner to SALEN Square, surrenders it to the pillar erected there, the tongue grows and gets it. Then his body is burned on the bonfire cooked for it, and the ashes that are scattered in the wind. "

The historian of the Inquisition testifies to the madness that covered the Christian world in the XV-XVII centuries: "The magician or the couples no longer burned, and dozens and hundreds. It is said that in three months a Geneva bishop will have five hundred magicians burned; Bishop Bamberg - six hundred, Bishop of Würzburg - nine hundred; eight hundred was convicted in all probability, in all probability, simultaneously with Savoy Senate ... In 1586 the summer and the cold were late in the Rhine provinces held by June; there could only be one Be a matter of witchcraft, and the bishop of Trier burned eighteen women and two men for a hundred years who had lost the awareness that this continuation of the cold weather was their magic. "

Especially the Würzburg Bishop Philip-Adolf Erenberg (1623-1631) should be mentioned in particular. In Würzburg alone he organized 42 fires on which 209 people were burned, including 25 children between the ages of 4 and 14.

Among those carried out were the most beautiful girl, the most complete woman and the fatest man - the deviation from the norm seemed to be a direct proof of the devil's connections with the bishop.

In general, when performing witches, Fanatika showed astonishing ingenuity. Engravings and sketches from this period show a multitude of techniques. There a woman who is screwing on the stairs pushes her face open in a riotous flame.

Here the executioners put a wooden door in the middle of the fire, on which three witches lie next to each other. These martyrs are tied with such a calculation, so the fire burns bare feet for a long time, and only after walking the thick boards came from below on the body.

Most often the artist shows the classic cremation on the column. But here are options. Women and girls are attached to the spot in the spot or sit, something the same or one.

Written sources allow several additional additions. In Mainz, 1587, the witch was watered on the flight, she slaughtered in a barrel. In Rainbach, condemned to the post, and put a straw on the floor - so that she was completely hidden from sight.

It is known that in other cities they were burned in the so-called straw mat. But an accompanying furnace was built in Neuss. For one in 1651, forty-two women and young girls were grilled in this oven. The Silesian executioners who had been reached did not calm down. For nine years, a painful death took about a thousand witches, including two years old!

His type of burning was developed in Scotland. Here from the processes there are a lot of bills for the payment of firewood, pillars, straw - in short, everything you need to run. A molar barrel is mentioned very often. The wizard was forced to get into the barrel half of their growth, then tied to the post and drunk around the straw. Sometimes the supplies included coal and soiled shirts for suicide.

It stands out particularly from its terrible naturalistic engraving depicting a pregnant woman. The vintage author included in the measure of skill how the stomach thrusts from the warmth of the fire, and the child in front of the crowd falls into the flame. The hangman continues to dry the coals with a long sixth.

Such scenes really did happen in these cruel times. On the island of Guernsey, between France and England, the fires burned without a century in a row until 1747; During the execution, the area at the Borrics intersection was allocated.

According to the calculations of historians, women were three times more than men between convictions for witchcraft. As Marya Tudor, July 18, 1556, his mother burned alive with two daughters. "One of the daughters, who was Massey-Peroth's name, was pregnant and her husband, Pastor, disappeared from the island to avoid reprisals. From the languages ​​of the Flame and Natugi, caused by wooden pains, they burst Bumps, and the baby, a wonderful boy, fell into the fire, but he was still alive that he had pulled someone Gus out of the girlfriend. When you see how everything goes strangely, thought Balley, ordering a bad child to order to build the fire. "

You don't have to doubt that the same thing happened during the wizard. For example, in Bamberg in 1630 the pregnant wife of the advisor Dumler was brutally said and burned.

Graves spiritual flour was tested by the mother, at the same time we condemned the death of her children. In Austria, in 1679, Emerenzin Pychler was burned, and in a few days their children's twelve and fourteen years were in line.

Often several generations of relatives executed at the same time. In 1688 an entire family, including children and servants, was burned for witchcraft. In 1746, they not only burned the accused, but also their sister, mother and grandmother.

We have all heard that in the XV-XVII centuries Western Europe experienced a terrible period in its history called human humanists. In the Catholic and Protestant states of Europe, as well as in the American colonies in England, they were massively persecuted during this period, and the women were treated as witches.

The witch clan during the Middle Ages ranked women who had incomprehensible knowledge and skills to most people. The witches could "harm", thereby depriving life of the ability of the ability to give milk, meat, fat, wool, and the bird is to bear eggs. Witches, supposedly selected returns from the farmers and poisoned food, sent horrific diseases to humans, caused drought or floods.

For one thing, they became respected and fearful. On the other hand, such women were considered to be the devil who attended the Sabbath and was copied with the demons of men.

It was for such "wrongdoing" that the "advanced" women of that time were persecuted and mercilessly destroyed by the Inquisition on every denunciation and the navy who subjected the most severe torture to the most severe torture.

Let us recall some of the brightest rooms in the history of medieval European laments against witches.

1. Bridget Bishop "Salem Witch"

This trial took place in New England in 1692. Then, as a result of the Inquisition's actions, 19 people were hung up, crushed by stones, and about 200 were detained. The cause of the trial was the illness of Pastor Salem's daughter and niece. Local doctor diagnosed - the effects of witches.

What to do? Look for a witness! And they found it. First, an elderly woman, Bridget Bishop, who owns several local taverns, was found guilty "without trial" and was hanged. And then more than seventy "witches" were deprived of life.

2. Agnes Sampon.

And these terrible events happened in Scotland. Allegedly a couple of women women who were friends with the devil himself and engaged in black magic, with the help of a witchcraft CHAR, tried to sing the royal ship.

It was just a strong storm that is common in these places and the ship was "in its hair" from death, but miraculously saved. And the King of Scotland, who is a superstitious man, is in the hands of the real sorcerer. And in Scotland the witch hunt began ...

Again "witnesses" of terrible witch rituals under terrible torture gave testimony against witches, and the first was very respected in the city of Dama, the observer named Agnes Sampon. She was terribly tortured and used the "Uzda Witch". In the end she told everything, each admitting five more of her reports and giving them away. Of course, Agnes was sentenced to death, suffocated and burned on a fire.

3. Anna Koldings.

In the five reports named Agnes Sampson, Anna Koldings was first. She was also charged with witchcraft, which used a series of horrific torture during which the woman, in his involvement in the ritual of the call of a storm at sea, gave five other accounts and came to life by the fire. For some reason, the story remembers Anna-Koldings under the name of the Devil's Mother.

4. Cael Merry.

As in the Dutch city of Rurmond, everything "didn't go like that": the children began to hurt the children and die, and the children die, livestock lively, the cow's milk stopped getting into the oil, it burned quickly and disappeared. Of course, all of this has been attributed to the hands of a local witch dane, Cael Fröhlich.

Spanish judges really wanted Cael to follow torture, but the local court regretted Mary leaving her alive and simply making a decision about his extradition, speaking modern tongue. Merry left Holland, but it didn't save her. The Spaniards did not let their attempt to punish the witch, their mercenaries traveled Maria and drowned her in the River Masa.

5. Entogen Gillis.

Annative grandmother entien Gillis, a resident of the Netherlands, thrown into witchcraft for the murder of unborn children and newborns. She was terribly tortured. And she had to take credit for the fact that she slept with the devil and killed the unborn children and the babies hunted. In addition, the inthrenion featured another magician sent across the city for a place to participate and accepted the execution in the form of hanging.

Generally 63 witches lost the lives in this process. They must confess all of their crimes, which were directed by the devil himself. This process He entered history as a process in which most of the breadth was killed.

In 1692 you could be a defendant on the lawsuit over the Salem watches - of course. Camuse could be charged by anyone, to be more precise, anyone and quite legally, and so for what ...

1. You are a woman

You're a woman? If so, you can be the devil's servant. In the Middle Ages, women were often associated with witches: people for thousands of years believed that women were much more sinful than men, and sin clearly testified to the devil. In Salem, 13 women and five men were charged with witchcraft, but for all the ladies' watch hunt, many more died.

2. You are a poor man or you just cannot offer yourself.

Nurses, the homeless, and those forced to ask for alms often accused themselves of witchcraft. Sarah Hood, for example, hanged in 1692 for walking from home to house and asking to eat - the neighbors didn't love her, didn't trust her, so she was so accused.

3. You are rich or financially independent

If you are a secure adult woman and live without financial support from a man, then in your storeroom, there are most likely banks with a peculiarity of interest from Triton.

Every case when a woman has lived independently, without the support of a man, has caused fear. Most likely, society would keep such a woman away, and then they would be accused of being judged. Between the 16th and 17th centuries, women who had no husbands, sons, or brothers, but who nevertheless, in New England, were often successful, often raised them from witchcraft - about 89% of hungers were just that.

4. You have a girlfriend or several

A group of women who converge without men could be called for "Coven, be worshiped by the devil." Probably the ladies were more comfortable to build eyes for him.

5. You argued with one or more of your friends.

Witch hunters like Matthew Hopkins or John Sirna inspired such horror in society that some women used witchcraft to defend themselves. According to the writer, Elizabeth-Flug, women, more often than men, suspected of collusion with the devil, and women believed themselves - it means that the girlfriends can be cursed exactly.

For example, take Rachel Clinton - decent decent women who accused her of forcing them to hurt her as she passed them in church. Rachel, the "decent and decent" ex-wife, was at the same time not intellectually unfreedom: late marriage and subsequent motherhood forced her to be on the lower steps of the social staircase.

A full set - left to add other women, screaming absurd absurdities everywhere, and Rachel can safely be charged with witchcraft for what happened.

6. You argued or disagreed with someone

It's important to remember that anyone could blame anyone that anyone did. And if all of a sudden you discovered that you were being accused of witchcraft, check out where the wind blows - it is quite possible that a previous lover saw naked on a broomstick.

7. You are very old

Older women, both married and unmarried, were the perfect target for accusations. Rebecca Nersh was 70 years old, she was disabled - and the neighbors suddenly started blaming her. She entered history as the oldest woman convicted of a witch in 71 years and executed.

8. You are very young

Dorothy Gud was only four years old when she confessed to witchcraft (at the same time she met her mother and hung in 1692). Dorothy was promoted to prison for nine months, but in the end they let go. Even so, the girl ever lost the reason.

9. You are an obstetrician

This has been well said of the writer Joel Stern:

"Social and marital status, independence, pagan influences, secret herbal knowledge - everything spoke against midwives. The main thing - the profession was seen as impure and degrading, so such women were simply obliged to waste the devil. In short, everyone was afraid before midwives. "

10. You are married and you have too many children.

Such unnatural fertility is likely the result of black magic. Put the next door on a pair the kid may not comprehend and they will decide you are kidding good luck. Because you are a witch.

11. You are married and you have only one child (or none)

The devil cursed you and rewarded sterility. If your neighbors and their six children have already suffered, surely those who live next to them have turned to evil too.

12. They can be called "strange", "persistent" or "brave"

Let everyone show you boldness - and you will most likely be called a witch. On the other hand, during Rachel Clinton's trial, such accusations testified: "Doesn't she behave like a filthy, annoying, rude woman? Yes, that's the character of the witch! Doesn't she swear, don't threaten, don't climb into a fight? \" u200b \ u200b "

13. You have a mole, a blotch or a third nipple

All of this could be interpreted as a diabolical sign. It could also mean that a dog, cat, or snake is embarrassed, embarrassed the witch to drink her blood. The defendant suggested the hair all over the body to find a mark.

14. There is spoiled oil or milk in your cellar

At the Salem trial, the defendant was guilty of indulging in dairy products in their cellars. So check the fridge.

15. You were out of wedlock with ... KSU

If this applies to you, then you can rush in a blue hellish flame. In 1651, Lake Alice was judged a witch by Dorchester for the fact that "she was Harlot and had a child." She was so tortured that in the end she confessed that he had slept with the devil and the child of his. In the same year they hung it.

16. You tried to predict the identity of your future husband

Dream of your second half? Wrestling his name in a notebook? Then your actions can be interpreted as witchcraft - what happened to Tituba, a slave from the city of Salem. Tituba offered young girls to find out the names of future husbands and became the first woman in Salem to be charged with witchcraft. But not the last.

17. You have violated a rule from the Bible - it means that the contract is with the devil

The following several rules of Puritans should be strictly observed. Injury to any of them could be the basis for charges of witchcraft.

  • Close watch on Saturday: you can't get enough fire, trade, travel - sometimes it has been called "new bruises from proposals in the Holy Place", it resulted in the death penalty;

  • Not commit adultery;

  • Inclination not with other gods to prophesy or incline dreams;

  • Do not allow yourself to rape yourself;

  • Do not sow more than one species in the field;

  • Do not touch a pig body carcass;

  • Do not wear clothes made of more than one type of fabric;

  • Do not cut the hair out in a circle;

  • Do not pull the hair into the braid;

  • And of course do not allow clocks to live.

If you did anything from this list, then you can safely blame in witchcraft. After that, likely hang, burn, or rot in prison until you die. Recommend